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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009

North Vancouver-Seymour

Prediction Changed
12:42 PM 17/01/2009

Constituency Profile

Hee, Gary Bickling
Norton, Mo
Green Party
Quinn, Daniel
Thornthwaite, Jane Ann

JARVIS, Daniel
North Vancouver-Seymour
(Approx. 99% of polls)
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09 04 23 Laurence Putnam
This election ended the night of the BC Liberal nomination contest. Oh wait, there wasn't one. Public outrage against this blatant anti-democratic act will be...well, muted at best. More likely that there won't be any at all. Liberal landslide.
09 04 11 Anonyman
Unfortunately this one will go BCLiberal. Jane Thornthwaite is a formidable campaigner and the group that keeps putting Dan Jarvis in are most likely to remain loyal to the BCLib vote. Mo Norton (NDP) is a nobody in the community. The Greens don't even have a candidate selected one month before the election, and the BC Conservatives Gary Hee is simply outmatched. I predict Thornthwaite will win in a walk, but really only because her competition is feable.
09 01 17 Predictor
North Shore has arguable been the most reliable Liberal bastion in Greater Vancouver. Easy Liberal hold.

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