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9:27 PM 10/02/2009

Constituency Profile

Barisoff, Bill
Green Party
Bloomfield, Julius Robert
Delaney, Chris
BC Refederation Party
Dion, Wendy
Phillips, Cameron

Penticton-Okanagan Valley
(Approx. 70% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

(Approx. 30% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 05 08 Jill
I have to disagree with the orchardist. The smooth talking CBC man running for the NDP is indeed very slick but his unprovoked attack and poor performance at the Penticton all candidates forum was indeed his fatal mistake. Seniors do not like arrogant; disrespectful young men and attacking someone who is well liked and in his 60?s just makes for bad politics all the way around.
Bloomfield has run a flawless campaign and I expect the only reason why the orchardists is attacking Bloomfield is because the NDP in Penticton realize that Bloomfield may very well pull more votes in than the NDP candidate. This would be a serious embarrassment for the NDP.
As for who wins ? We find out on May 12.
09 05 07 an orchardist
Julius Bloomfield is a very good candidiate; It sounds good to call yourself an ?environmentalist? and Mr. Bloomfield has some credibility but; I'm confused; are they for or against the unregulated river diversions? Are we powering up; or should we power down. It's easy to call yourself an environmentalist but I for one don't know what the heck it really means.
Unfortunately for Julius and Bill, the NDP has an extremely bright and articulate hardworking candidate. Who will probably go far if elected. Barisoff expects to win and has gone to sleep. Bloomfield is just as likely to take liberal supporters as ndp; maybe more so and we have a conservative for the ?I hate government? people. I predict the angry seniors will swing it to Cameron Phillips.
09 04 19 Naramata Craig
There is a sweet smell around the campaign headquarters of Green party candidate Julius Bloomfield these days. Boxes of BC green apples are stacked amid election signs at the Penticton office. Bloomfield?s riding includes thousands of acres of Okanagan orchards.
His Green campaign team has adopted the locally-grown apple as a symbol for its election message.
On Earth Day, the team will endeavor to hand out 1,000 green apples in five hours to people in Penticton, Peachland, Summerland and Naramata. To date, the campaign has given away more than 700 green apples at public appearances in those communities.
09 03 27 rhudson
While this riding is likely to go BC Liberal, keep an eye out for Julius Bloomfield (Green candidate). He has a strong following and his right of centre politics could provide an interesting dynamic in this traditionally strong Conservative riding. Julius could be the Green-Tory blend that people are looking for.
09 02 10 TAN
Many in Penticton are probably still wondering why those nasty folks in the media said such cruel things about that nice Stockwell Day fellow when he arrived at the town's lakefront on his jet ski. I guess it's a more thought-provoking question to ponder than who will win this seat on election day.

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