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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009


Prediction Changed
9:39 PM 13/01/2009

Constituency Profile

Hansen, Colin
Green Party
Shaw, Laura-Leah
Young, James

(100% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 04 04
Hansen is popular and has party leadership potential. This is also one of the richest ridings in BC, so it will easily go BCLiberal.
09 01 14 binriso
Frankly this is the only safe BC Liberal seat in Vancouver (By safe I mean certainly above a 15% margin). Every other seat is potentially vulnerable in the case of an NDP majority. But the BCLIBS should win with at least 60% of the vote here regardless.
09 01 13 VanToria
This is by far the Liberals' safest seat in Vancouver. When you look at the 2008 mayor results, this was the only area that went Ladner. Big win for the Hansen.

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