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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009

Vancouver-West End

Prediction Changed
10:03 PM 02/03/2009

Constituency Profile

No Affiliation
Caissy, Menard D.
Clarke, John
Herbert, Spencer
The Sex Party
Lake, Scarlett
McDiarmid, Laura
Green Party
Read, Drina

HERBERT, Spencer
(100% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 02 14 TAN
Not really in play at all, at least to my eyes. With the Mayencourt factor gone and the most right-leaning polls of the old Vancouver-Burrard lopped off, this should pretty reliably land in the NDP column for the forseeable future. Indeed, the byelection thumping handed to Griffiths seems to have scared off any potential BC Liberal candidates. Prediction: Herbert returned by a healthy margin.
09 01 18 BJ
The ?NDP? part of the old Vancouver Burrard riding west of Burrard St. comprising mainly renter-occupiers. With Spencer Herbert now the incumbent, this riding is slam dunk for the NDP.
09 01 16 Politics101
With Arthur Griffiths not running again any chance the Liberals had of beating Spencer is gone - apparently the Libs are having trouble finding a name candidate to run here and are considering running an up and comer who wants to get some political experience
09 01 13 VanToria
Of all the new seats, this is the easiest pickup for the NDP. Spencer Herbert won the Vancouver Burrard by-election with a big margin. The new west end riding dumps his weakest polls. Arthur Griffiths will go down harder.

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