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Sackville-Eastern Shore

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2009-08-25 16:07:00

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Hemming, Scott

Mimnagh, Adam

Percy, John

Stoffer, Peter

Peter Stoffer

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  • dartmouth (19/188 Polls)
  • halifax-west (21/223 Polls)
  • sackville-musquodoboit-valley-eastern-shore (146/218 Polls)
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    11 04 03 C.A.B.
    The safest NDP riding in the Maritimes - and it's all due to Stoffer, of course. Even if the NDP collapses in Nova Scotia, it won't affect him one bit.
    11 04 01 Voter
    Stoffer is well-liked and has had wins with large margins. The only major dust-up since the last election has been Stoffer's change of vote on the Gun Registry, which caused a minor outcry from a small proportion of voters. I would suggest a minor dent in his numbers, but still an easy victory.
    11 03 28 M.Lunn
    Irrespective of national and provincial numbers, Peter Stoffer has been a very popular MP who is well liked by all sides. As long as he is MP, I expect this to stay NDP.
    11 03 27 Tony Ducey
    A tremendous candidate, I think Stoffer would get elected no matter his party affiliation.
    09 09 24 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    Much as Kings-Hants is a Brison riding and Cumberland-Colechester was a Casey riding, this is a Stoffer riding. He's liked here and very well entrenched. He will win easily.
    09 09 07 Stevo
    As I stated in the previous round of predictions, Sackville-Eastern Shore will remain Peter Stoffer's for as long as he wants it - sort of a Nova Scotia counterpart to NB's Acadie-Bathurst. Ordinarily I would say that once Stoffer retires, this riding will revert to Liberal/Tory swing status, but given the recent success of the provincial NS NDP, I'm no longer so sure of that.
    09 08 25 Keen Eye
    Peter Stoffer will take this seat again for the NDP. With 61% support in 2008 and a margin of victory of 41% this is as safe a seat as they come. Provided Stoffer re-offers.
    09 08 24 MJA
    Stoffer is perhaps the most popular MP amongst his own constituents anywhere in the country. It's more likely that the NDP would lose Halifax than SES, and with this site projecting Halifax as an NDP hold...
    09 08 24 Observer
    This Halifax riding is NDP stronghold. Peter Stoffer got reelected 4 times and will get a fifth term.

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