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2009-08-25 16:11:00

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Blanchette-Lamothe, Lysane

Evereklian, Agop

Jolicoeur, Nicolas

Lumer, Jonathan

Patry, Bernard

Bernard Patry

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    11 04 26 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    BQ support is already non-existant in this riding, so the source of the NDP surge isn`t here. The CPC (the NDP surge`s secondary source) is down to about 14% in Quebec. They`re not making gains with those kinds of numbers. Liberals are down a little but steady, close to what they got in `08. Numbers like those say Liberal hold.
    11 04 23 SHS
    The Conservatives will challenge here, but incumbent Bernard Patry will be re-elected for the Liberals. No other candidates are well-known enough in this west island riding.
    11 04 14 George M
    Dr Patry will take back this riding to the liberal , he is very well liked by the residents of the riding , the conservatives has no chance in this riding , despite putting big efforts , PM and several ministers visitings.
    11 04 14 George M
    Dr. Bernard Patry will be will win this riding again for the Liberals ,he is very much liked in the riding and despite the big show and the money spent by the conservative candidate , this will be a safe one for the Liberals to hold . Polls indicate Patry at 44% , conservatives dat 23%
    11 04 11 HMK
    The buzz in this riding is definitely leaning towards Conservative. Like many feel, voters are discontent from the lackluster representation in this riding and being taken for granted as a part of a ‘Liberal fortress’ of West Island Montreal. Could be the Conservative's big breakthrough on the Island.
    11 04 10 Frank
    Liberal fortress that could see a close race with the Conservative. The french electorate in this ridding voted more for the Conservatives than most other french ridding in the Montreal area in the past. Most likely liberal, however could be the first ‘new’ Conservative win on the island.
    11 04 09 Marco Ricci
    If Larry Smith next door in Lac St. Louis is running 20 points behind, then the Conservatives probably aren't likely to break through in this riding either.
    11 04 07 FP
    This one will be very close with conservatives. BQ is out of race, of course. But people are fed up to be taken as granted by the reds. So, more people will be prone to vote for tories.
    But since the conservative candidate is not known as Larry Smith, he won't be able to beat liberals there. Liberals, but closer. Probably Harper will put Michael Fortier here next time.
    11 03 31 Marco Ricci
    As in Edmonton-Strathcona earlier this week, another Conservative staffer had to resign - this time in Pierrefonds-Dollard. Agop Evereklian, the Conservative candidate, had to replace his campaign manager, Giulio Maturi, after 'Le Devoir' exposed that he had been involved in a municipal scandal.
    Nevertheless, this riding still got a lot of Conservative attention today when Larry Smith and Stephen Harper appeared here at a big Conservative rally. The Conservatives have succeeded in bringing some motivation and excitement to their team in West Island for the first time since the Mulroney years.
    11 03 29 Marco Ricci
    Patry is probably safe for now. This riding is not getting the attention that Lac St. Louis is next door, but the Conservatives feel they can make a strong run with Agop Evereklian, who ran in Laval Les Iles in 2008 and placed 3rd. Polls are not good for the Liberals in Quebec right now, but it will still be difficult for Evereklian as he lacks the name recognition of Patry and is running in this riding for the first time.
    11 03 28 M.Lunn
    Like the other West Island ridings, this should be an easy Liberal win with the Tories placing a distant second.
    09 08 24 David
    Libéral, ya rien d'autre à dire! Une borne fontaine pourrait y être élue pourvu qu'elle soit rouge.

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