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Parry Sound-Muskoka

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2009-08-26 14:08:00

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Carmichael, David

Clement, Tony

Hodgson, Glen

Smith, Albert Gray

Waters, Cindy

Wilson, Wendy

Hon. Tony Clement

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  • parry-sound-muskoka (192/197 Polls)
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    11 04 27 MH
    The government didn't need to spend millions on pork for PS-M to keep this seat, but it sure didn't hurt Tony Clement's chances. Easy CPC hold.
    11 04 17 R.O.
    The recent controversy over the G8 and this riding requires a reality check, those not familiar with Ontario or the riding are not familiar with the dynamics of this area. the reason why funding was spent in other towns was so the whole area felt involved in the event and it didn't become a huntsville only thing. if you look thru the list of the 32 projects none of them are politically partisan in nature and mostly local infastructure such as a tourism info centre and parks upgrades things that anyone could use regardless of political beliefs . and one of biggest expenses on list was repaving runway at North Bay airport a liberal held riding. there was serious media overkill on this story and G8 itself was finished almost a year ago , it was viewed as being successful as it didn't see the kind of protests G20 in Toronto saw. Overall Tony Clement has been a good mp for the area , liberals choose to fixate on G8 cause they don't really have anything else to complain about in the riding and still upset Tony won the riding to begin with. as when liberals in power it was ok to spend money here and they invested alot of federal funds in riding so why all the complaining now ?
    11 04 16 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    What's with the all caps from Durham Girl? Not the first time she's done that. Bottom line, Clement wins this riding, though his lavashing of the riding with trifle and trinkets is the epitomy of what is wrong with politicians once they get into power.
    11 04 11 durham gal
    11 04 05 NJam101
    I really can't stand Tony but I do know that he will win again. There was just so much obvious pork-barrelling with him as MP. We can't forget all of the G8 projects that had nothing to do at all with the meeting. Parry Sound - Muskoka is NOT a part of Northern Ontario. It's only southerners who think it is.
    11 03 29 C.A.B.
    For Clement to go from a 100-vote margin in 2006 to an absolute majority and double the vote of the second-place finisher in 2008 is truly remarkable. It certainly puts any doubts about this riding to rest.
    11 03 28 M. Lunn
    This was a close race in 2006, but largely due to Andy Mitchell's personal popularity. In 2008 Tony Clement almost got double what his opponent did. Besides prior to 1993 and provincially, I don't think this has ever gone for another party meaning unless you have a divided right or the Liberals hold the incumbent advantage, it is pretty much a Tory lock.
    11 03 20 binriso
    While Clement is frequently the target of ridicule, often with good reason, he has gotten the riding a lot of money and frankly shouldnt be in any trouble at all unless there was some sort of nomination challenge in the future or another party gets a superstar candidate.
    09 12 05 A.S.
    If being a lawyer is ‘not the most popular profession’, then how come so many lawyers get elected to Parliament? ;-) Anyway, the inevitable happened: Landslide Tony actually got re-elected in a landslide, and all the Milhouse-the-perennial-loser punch-lines went blooey. Barring a Mulroney/Campbellesque Conservative mega-collapse, he now holds PSM as long as he wants to hold PSM.
    09 09 24 R.O.
    This riding has returned to its conservative roots would just about sum things up here but i'll go into more detail. Tony Clement as mp has also done a lot of work for the riding and made some big funding announcements in the riding since becoming mp. he also brought the 2010 G8 summit to the riding which will boost the local tourism industry and economy. it should also be noted that the economy in this riding is generally stronger than that of some of the other northern ridings and that factor is likely to help the incumbent. the liberals seem lost without Andy Mitchell and haven't been able to attract any high profile candidates since he left, which was the case during the recent nomination process here. there new recently nominated candidate Shawn Pudsey is a political rookie who has not held any elected posts in the riding at any political level and is a lawyer not the most popular profession.
    09 08 25 wyatt
    The closest race in the country in '06 was nowhere near close in '08. Clement took over 50% of the vote, and will hold this without difficulty.

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