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Brentford and Isleworth

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2010-05-07 09:25:05

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Christian Party
Aamir Javed
Liberal Democrats
Andrew Dakers
Labour Party
Ann Keen
English Democrats Party
David Cunningham
Christian Peoples Alliance
Evangeline Pillai
UK Independence Party
Jason Hargreaves
Green Party
John Hunt
Conservative Party
Mary Macleod
British National Party
Paul Winnett
Teresa Vanneck-Surplice

Ann Keen
Brentford & Isleworth (94.3 %)


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10 04 25 Former Resident
Ann Keen tells voters to judge Labour Party 'on what it has delivered'
6:50am Tuesday 20th April 2010
By Ian Mason »
Ann Keen has urged voters in Brentford and Isleworth to judge the Labour Party on ‘what we have delivered’ in next month’s general election.
Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary David Miliband claimed Conservative ‘complacency’ could be their downfall as he backed Ann and Alan Keen’s re-election campaigns.
On Friday, Mr Miliband visited the Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh temple, in Hounslow, to jump-start Labour’s election fight to reclaim seats in Feltham and Heston and Brentford and Isleworth.
While Mr Keen is expected to chalk up his fifth successive win on May 6, bookmakers have made Tory candidate Mary MacLeod a favourite to oust Mrs Keen from power.
However, Mr Miliband dismissed the prediction during his visit to the largest Sikh temple outside India.
He told the Hounslow and Brentford Times: ‘That’s fine, let them be complacent and we will be hard working.
‘They have got Lord Ashcroft’s money and we have got the people.’
Ms MacLeod has been the subject of ongoing criticism by rival politicians because her party received large donations from Lord Ashcroft, a multi-millionaire with non-domiciled tax status.
The Tories have used the cash to campaign in key seats, of which Brentford and Isleworth is one.
Mrs Keen took the opportunity to remind voters of campaigns she had been involved with over the past 13 years, including the rebuilding of West Middlesex Hospital, extending GP opening hours, introducing children’s centres throughout the borough, fighting for the minimum wage and working to drop the debt on the poorest countries.
She said: ‘Everything we have stood for we have delivered on and that’s the record we should be judged on.’
Mr Miliband was also quizzed whether the MPs’ expenses scandal, in which Mr and Mrs Keen were embroiled, had put potential voters off politics - and would result in low turnouts.
He said: ‘I think it’s our responsibility in this campaign to talk with voters and that’s what we are determined to do.’
10 04 25 Former resident
The #75 Tory target, but not out of reach of the LD surge either.
Lab incumbent caught in the expenses scandal, claiming a flat with her neighbouring MP husband even though they live only 10 miles from Westminster. But standing again, despite much local anger.
Labour candidate will lose due to the scandal. Who will win depends on which of the Tory and LD parties finishes strongest.
Ladbrokes Con 4/1 Lab 1/3 LD 5/1
Note: Not sure that the bookies are pricing in the local impacts of the expenses scandal, where specific candidates are particularly vulnerable.

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