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2011-10-07 10:30:04

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Duncan, James

Hundal, Pam

Jeffrey, Linda

Rowley, Elizabeth

Sadiq, Fauzia

Singh, Jasbir

Singh, Mani

Wysokinski, Bart

Hon Linda Jeffrey


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    11 10 03 JJ
    Are any of the commenters here actually from the riding? Jeffrey support is limited. Pam Hundal has the momentum and lawn signs virtually everywhere except for some odd pockets of Lib support around Heart Lake. I predict that all 3 Bramtpon ridings are about to go blue for a second time this year.
    11 09 25 AD
    Hmm, another close one, but I predict LPO hold. They are close in the latest relatively large poll conducted by Forum. I predict in a riding like this with the incumbant boosting the LPO vote, they should be able to hold onto a seat.
    11 09 24 A.S.
    Jeffrey went from Brampton's closest victor in '03 to Brampton's clearest victor in '07. Still seems like a ‘generic swingable 905 riding’--though Jeffery's chances look stronger now that assault charges against Hundal's husband threaten to turn her into an affiliation-changed Ruby Dhalla.
    11 09 24 Initials
    I would have originally said that this would be too close to call with the possibility that the PC candidate could win. There is a sense of people wanting change in this riding as well as across Ontario. However, the recent scandal regarding the husband of the Conservative candidate and Tim Hudak not able to break out into majority government numbers may actually help the incumbent. If Linda wins this one it will be by a slimmer margin than the last time.
    11 09 24 Retired Observer
    Until this week's announcement about Pam Hundal's husband and possible criminal charges, I would have called this one neck and neck. If Hundal is distracted by these domestic and legal matters, the momentum could swing to Jeffery. This Liberal incumbent is not popular in her own riding and has shown that she is not cabinet material. This ridign will go right down to the wire. The situation in the riding as of today showed Hundal winning the sign war and well ahead.
    11 09 20 Art
    This one will swing to the winning side. As soon as they sense who that is they'll move in tandem. Slight edge to PC
    11 09 19 Dr Bear & Prof Ape
    Though one could argue that this ought to be a likely pick up by the PC, the comments made by Hudak and others about immigrants would probably hurt PC chances here. Besides, the Liberal incumbent is not as notorious as Ruby Dhalla was for the federal Liberals.
    11 08 14 Canadian Election Atlas
    Linda Jeffrey won this seat by 7,000 votes in 2007. I assume she doesn't have the ‘reputation’ that Ruby Dhalla had, and that can't hurt her as bad, right? With the Liberals polling well again, they should be able to keep this seat.
    11 03 25 James Archdeakin
    I think this riding is going to go to the PC's as the current MPP Jeffreys is no where to be seen and has done nothing much for the riding.
    Her challenger Hundal seems to be well known in Brampton. Also i think this guy Tim Hudak is going to do well for our province.
    11 03 15 Art
    This cabinet minister has shown that she?s in way over her head whether it?s bear hunts, coyote hunts, mining exploration or agent orange. Local people will swing over to the PC candidate who is well known in Brampton PC pick up.

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