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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Cowichan Valley

Prediction Changed
2013-05-15 08:34:10

Constituency Profile


Campbell, Heather Alanna

Davis, Kerry

Housser, Steve

Routley, Bill

Wallener, Damir

Bill Routley


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    2009 Result:

    Bill Routley
    Cathy Basskin
    Simon Lindley
    Stewart Jason Murray
    Michial Rupert Moore


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    13 04 28 BCL
    The Green party has a strong candidate in a riding that generally gathers a lot of green support. Will it be enough for a vote split with the NDP and an opportunity for the Liberals to go up the middle....Yes.
    13 04 20 GV
    This riding is a mixed bag in terms of political inclination. Duncan and Lake Cowichan are solidly NDP, while the southern area along the Malahat typically leans towards the Liberals. But all of that is moot this year, because the Liberal party is in such a weak position. No doubt, this seat will stay firmly in NDP hands.
    13 04 17 Laurence Putnam
    Might be interesting to see how well the Conservatives do here - but that's about all the interesting points you'll find in this riding. Routley in a rout.

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