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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Delta North

Prediction Changed
2013-05-15 08:34:19

Constituency Profile


Bishop, Sylvia

Gidora, George

Hamilton, Scott

Marshall, Bill

Parmar, Tinku

Shavluk, John Shrek

Guy Gentner


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    2009 Result:

    Guy Gentner*
    Jeannie Lynn Kanakos
    Matthew Laine
    Marc Cameron McPherson


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    13 05 07 Laurence Putnam
    Still assuming the NDP will win this, but I'm way less sure of it now. I was corrected earlier that Gentner is not running again - and I think in many ways this was more of a Gentner riding than an NDP riding. Liberals have a great candidate too, and appear to have shored up their support significantly, especially in these closing days. Aside from regaining the by-election loss in Chilliwack, this seat is probably the best hope of a Liberal pick-up in the province. Nevertheless, I think it's safe to bet on the NDP this go-around.
    13 03 25 GV
    Guy Gentner's colourful political career has come to an unexpected end. In light of the claim made below that his replacement NDP candidate doesn't hail from the area, I'm not totally sold on the proposition that the incumbent party will have a terribly easy win. But I do think they will win. There's just too much ground for the BCL to make up here against unfriendly polling numbers. And recent population growth (cited below) doesn't seem sufficient to do that; neither does a new set of candidates.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    A close NDP win last time will be a strong NDP win this time.
    13 02 21 J.M.
    There is a post indicating that Guy Gentner will win Delta North for the NDP except that Guy Gentner is the incumbent and is not runnig again. The NDP candidate for North Delta is Sylvia Bishop. Please correct.
    13 02 18 Laurence Putnam
    Guy Gentner can even boast Conservative leader John Cummins' endorsement from the 2009 election! In an election where the NDP appear poised for government, his stock can only go higher. Easy win for the Guy from Delta.
    13 02 12 Interested Voter
    BC Libs have chosen N Delta poll topper Scott Hamilton. NDP Candidate lives 30 miles away in Tsawwassen Heights, and has no intention of moving to the riding. Hamilton also has the backing of highly popular Mayor Lois Jackson and her electoral machine.
    13 02 06 Interested Voter
    Very interesting race here. BCL Candidate Scott Hamilton was a very wise choice. He has consistently topped the polls in this area for 4 municipal elections, and has the backing of Mayor Lois Jackson and her machine that wins 70% in some polls. NDP candidate lives 30 km away in Tsawwassen Heights and is seen as an opportunist and elitist. New expensive residential development has added 1000 voters to area.

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