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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Delta South

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2013-05-15 00:35:54

Constituency Profile


Huntington, Vicki

McDonald, Bruce

Slater, Nic

Vicki Huntington


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    2009 Result:

    Vicki Huntington
    Wally Oppal*
    Dileep Joseph Anthony Athaide
    Duane Laird
    John William Shavluk


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    13 05 06 Matt
    Huntington is popular in this riding. The NDP vote is softening (not that they had a decent shot here to begin with), making it easier for Huntington to hold on.
    13 05 04 Chris
    This riding isn't a slam-dunk for Vicki anymore - NDP is likely to form government and voters are looking seriously at Nic Slater, both to represent their interests in government and to keep the Liberals out.
    13 05 03 Teddy Boragina
    Vote splitting does not work the way the previous poster described.
    For one, the Liberals are the current Government. In an election, a good 10%-15% of voters decide to vote for or against the Government, regardless of who they vote for as a result. This means a left-winger who likes a government with a right-wing party in power, may vote for that right-wing party. Conversely, and more realistically this election, a right-winger who does not like the government may even vote for a left-wing party to get rid of it.
    The race thus would be between the Independent and the NDP. The problem is that only 10% or so of voters will vote this way, and the remaining 90% will still vote based on ideology, issues, personality etc. For these reasons (and others, hey, I'm trying to keep this short) the Independent has a lock here.
    13 04 28 BCL
    The NDP are running a real candidate this time around which will take away a few thousand votes from Huntington. The Liberals have a very strong and respected candidate in Bruce Mcdonald. Liberal win here.
    13 03 28 GV
    I wasn't surprised at Vicki Huntington's win last time round and she seems to have solidified her position quite nicely. She's got the populist votes that the Conservatives have tried--and failed--to pick up. Very poor Liberal showing predicted.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    A win for the independent here. With Liberals voting for her to stop the NDP, and New Democrats voting for her to block the Liberals, she should win this easily.
    13 02 15 Laurence Putnam
    Vicki will win easily. She beat the Attorney General from the winning party last time, this time she just has to stay on cruise control. This riding would be unlikely to vote NDP anyway, and by not having to vote BC Liberal to keep the NDP out, I think Vicki will win with a sizeable (over 50%) margin.
    More importantly, neither the Libs, NDP or Conservatives will have much incentive to contest this riding. For the Libs and/or Conservatives it's essentially a win for them, and for the NDP its one seat they wouldn't have won anyway that's at least not in the Liberal column.

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