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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Port Coquitlam

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2013-05-15 08:38:27

Constituency Profile


Dahiya (JD), Jogender

Farnworth, Mike

Hague, Ryan

Lu, Barbara

Williams, Brent

Mike Farnworth


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    2009 Result:

    Mike Farnworth*
    Bernie Christoph Hiller
    Cole Bertsch
    Lewis Clarke Dahlby
    Brent Williams


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    13 04 17 Laurence Putnam
    Not being a supporter of the NDP, I had hoped the more moderate Mike Farnworth would win the leadership given that whoever the NDP elected was almost destined for the Premier's office from the outset.
    That being said, we got Dix instead in a squeaker of a leadership race.
    This race however, will not be a squeaker. As I've posted in prior elections here, I know conservatives in this riding who vote for Mike Farnworth. His affable, populist meat and potatoes personality combined with a few maverick streaks that run contrary to typical NDP policy will assure his 55%+ here and a subsequent high-level cabinet placement.
    Farnworth is today to the BC NDP what Ralph Goodale, Erik Nielsen and Grace McCarthy were to their parties.
    13 03 27 GV
    Farnworth may have faltered in his bid for the NDP leadership, but he remains considerably more popular than the man who beat him. There's really no doubt about this outcome.
    13 03 16 Paul
    There's no reason to suggest anything other than a Farnworth landslide. The absolute best that the Liberals can hope for is to annoy him enough to stop him from campaigning in neighboring ridings, but even that seems unlikely with no candidate yet.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    A solid NDP win here last time and nothing changes this time. Farnworth will win going away.
    13 02 23 Gary Volk
    Farnworth will shatter records with a landslide victory in Port Coquitlam. You start with a traditional NDP seat and add the most popular New Democrat in the province. Lots of Farnworth NDPers here. Once the NDP forms government, the real thing to watch will be what could have been with a Farnworth-led NDP.
    13 02 05 Mukham Singh
    This one is done already. Farnworth won over 54% of the vote last time. Since then, the NDP dumped Carole James, the Liberals picked Christy Clark, the NDP is polling above 45%, and the Liberals are polling below 30%. If the Libs can actually convince a young Liberal from SFU to be a parachute candidate, that would be a victory for them in and of itself.
    Port Coquitlam really is the last stop before palookaville for the BC Liberals, even when they do take government, which they surely won't this time out.

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