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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Richmond Centre

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2013-05-14 23:50:23

Constituency Profile


Chen, Lawrence

Donovan, Chanel

Huang, Frank Yunrong

Law, Gary

Lee, Richard

Wat, Teresa

Wolfe, Michael

Rob Howard


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    2009 Result:

    Rob Howard
    Kam Brar
    Michael Wolfe
    Kang Chen


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    13 05 07 Laurence Putnam
    The business-savvy Chinese community is unlikely to support the NDP. Newcomer Teresa Wat will win this, probably with 50% or better. Sean's comment about the NDP candidate's Communist past are troubling. If indeed everything he says is true then it's downright disgusting. Imagine the outcry if it were revealed that a Conservative candidate were a former Spanish Francoist or a member of Pinochet's governing party - that would be held up as proof positive that the Conservatives harbour a secret extreme right agenda. And yet, (again, if true) when the NDP run a Chinese communist this is completely acceptable. If that isn't proof of a left-wing bias in Canadian media then I don't know what is. I would hope the NDP will follow up on this and repudiate this man if indeed he has been an apparatchik for the Chinese Communist regime.
    13 04 28 Sean
    During an all Chinese candidates debate organized by AM1470 and Singtao newspaer. NDP candidate Frank Huang admitted that he has been a member of Chinese Communist Party member since 1990 after being asked by an audience. He also admitted that he had worked for the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office which is a branch of the Chinese Government. Interestingly, in his bio list on the NDP web site, his employment history with Chinese government is not mentioned. Also, one must wonder if he had lied about his membership with the Chinese communist party when he applied to immigrate to Canada.
    13 04 24 John
    Do not count out the potential for Gary Law to pull an upset in this riding. He has very strong support from the Chinese Canadian community.
    13 04 20 GV
    I wouldn't have any difficulty calling this riding Liberal, but for the rather baffling HST referendum results here. I was shocked to see the Liberal policy decisively rejected in all 3 Richmond ridings, while it passed in almost every other strong Liberal seat. Because I really have no idea what to make of these results, I'm not going to hazard much of a guess about the extent to which NDP fortunes might improve here. But this riding is in play, at least to an extent, given the lack of incumbent.
    13 04 09 Dave
    One has to look at the HST vote result http://www.elections.bc.ca/index.php/news/nr-ref-2011-6-1/
    There are almost 13000 votes to extinguish the HST and only 7000 votes to keep the HST. The combined NDP and Green vote from last election was less than 6000. One has to wonder where those extra 7000 votes comes from and where they will go this election.
    This riding is very much up for grab.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    The gap is too much, this will be a Liberal hold.

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