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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011


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2013-05-15 08:40:42

Constituency Profile


Binnema, Tim

Brar, Jagrup

Fassbender, Peter

Krishnan, Murali

Kumar (AK), Arvin

Jagrup Brar


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  • Pundits’ Guide - 2008 Prepresentation Order

    2009 Result:

    Jagrup Brar*
    Jagmohan Singh
    Christin Geall
    Chamkaur (Cory) Sandhu


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    13 03 27 GV
    Brar's victory last time out was surprisingly easy. A fortiori, he should win easily again. The Liberal candidate recruitment here leaves much to be desired--not that it truly mattered in the first place.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    Another walkover by the NDP. Brar will win this going away. Ethnicgate just increased his margin.
    13 02 15 Laurence Putnam
    Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender is going up against a 10-year incumbent whose party is polling substantially ahead - in a riding he doesn't even live in. This is a mind-boggling kamikaze mission. Castro apologist* Jagrup Brar will win in his least challenging contest yet.

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