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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Surrey-Green Timbers

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2013-05-15 00:05:37

Constituency Profile


Hammell, Sue

Heir, Harjit Singh

Hosein, Richard

Maharaj, Lisa

Tung, Amrik

Sue Hammell


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    2009 Result:

    Sue Hammell*
    Rani Mangat
    Dan Kashagama


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    13 04 17 Laurence Putnam
    Longtime NDP stalwart Sue Hammell is headed into the election of a lifetime - she should consider retiring on a high note after the next term as she will never again get a result like the one she'll get this May. Maybe even a chance at 80% here.
    13 03 27 GV
    It may be a fair point to say that the government is wasting its time contesting this riding. Every poll here went NDP in 2009 (the only riding in the province that was swept by a party, I believe).
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    The opposition should just save their money and not even register in this riding. An NDP blowout again.
    13 02 09 Jack Cox
    With over 70 percent of the vote in this riding last time and BC NDP way over last elections numbers in the polls, the only way this seat goes to the Liberals is if there is something incredibly wrong with the polls.

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