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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Surrey-White Rock

Prediction Changed
2013-05-14 23:48:37

Constituency Profile


Hogg, Gordon

Keeping, Susan

Laurence, Jim

Pagtakhan, Elizabeth Morales

Pitcairn, Don

Gordon Hogg


  • Previous Prediction - 2009 Provincial Election
  • Pundits’ Guide - 2008 Prepresentation Order

    2009 Result:

    Gordon Hogg*
    Drina Allen
    Don Pitcairn
    David Charles Hawkins


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    13 05 07 Laurence Putnam
    I cannot possibly improve upon GV's succinct characterization of this well-to-do pocket of Surrey.
    13 03 27 GV
    No reasonably informed observer could doubt the outcome here.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    This should be a Liberal hold. If this falls, we may find the Greens as the official opposition with two seats. Ethnicgate will be a factor but not enough to change the result.

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