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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011


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2013-05-14 23:44:23

Constituency Profile


Dhillon, Gurjit

Dix, Adrian

Esau, Gregory Dale

Adrian Dix


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    2009 Result:

    Adrian Dix*
    Bill Yuen
    Rev Warkentin
    Matt Kadioglu
    Charles Boylan


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    13 03 11 bza
    This is Adrian Dix's seat which he has easily won in the last two elections and is leader of the party and most likely the next Premier. Easy call for the NDP.
    13 03 08 NO PARTISAN BS
    Dix is looking to be the next Premier so I find it unlikely that the riding will not keep the NDP. Being close to those in power is a magnet to many voters. That coupled with the historical voting pattern makes this an NDP lock.
    13 03 07 NO PARTISAN BS
    Based on both past history and current polling, this prediction is a foregone conclusion. Dix will take a majority perhaps even in excess of 60%. Chalk this one up to the NDP.
    13 03 04 DFinch
    This is NDP Leader Adrian Dix riding and he is in no danger of losing it. His ceiling is probably in the 60-65% range.
    13 02 23 Devon
    Premier-in-waiting Adrian Dix will win this riding for a third consecutive time without breaking a sweat.
    13 02 15 Laurence Putnam
    Chairman Adrian will be returned with greater than 60% of the votes in his home riding.
    13 02 14 Dude Abides
    Relatively safe NDP riding where the incumbent and party leader is standing for reelection. No hope for the Liberals here.
    13 02 09 Jack Cox
    I doubt Adrian Dix is going to lose his own seat especially when the NDP are much higher in the polls then from the last election. Christy Clark on the other hand.

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