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British Columbia Provincial Election - 2011

Vancouver-West End

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2013-05-15 00:01:10

Constituency Profile


Chandra Herbert, Spencer

Clarke, John

Emery, Jodie

Harrison, Scott

Herbert, Ronald Guillermo

Kagis, Mathew David

Spencer Chandra Herbert


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    2009 Result:

    Spencer Herbert*
    Laura McDiarmid
    Drina Read
    John Clarke
    Scarlett Lake
    Menard D. Caissy


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    13 05 03 Matt
    I agree with Laurence that I've never really understood why this part of the city is so heavily NDP. Still, the reality remains that it is. To Spencer's credit, he hasn't been taking his victory for granted and has been very visible this election. He will win a large victory and could end up in Dix's cabinet
    13 04 07 blondboybc
    Living in this riding for many years, I'd be surprised if NDP's Chandra Herbert doesn't manage near 70% this time around! Woe to the Liberal candidate, whomever that may be....
    13 03 26 GV
    Progressive social values permeate this constituency to such an extent that they politically negate its upscale economic character. No chance of a loss for Spencer Herbert.
    13 03 21 Laurence Putnam
    The demographics of this riding really shouldn't suggest such a massive advantage to the NDP - that being said, if Herbert can win this by 24 points (versus a pretty good Liberal candidate) in a year where his party loses...then 2013 isn't going to be kind to the Liberals here.
    13 02 19 Casey S.
    Chandra Herbert easily won this riding in 2009 and his profile has only improved since then. He is very popular in the riding and gets routine local media coverage. The Liberals have not nominated a candidate as of the middle of February which suggests to me that no one wants to run against Spencer as they stand little chance of beating him.
    Jodie Emery may boost the Green vote somewhat but in order for the Greens to play spoiler in this riding they would need to win around 20% of the vote which seems highly unlikely.
    13 02 14 JS
    Spencer Chandra Herbert is a sure bet in the West End. He works tirelessly for his constituents and since Vancouver Burrard was dissolved, the riding is NDP and Green dominated.

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