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2014-05-27 09:21:00

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Chacin, Luis

Dhillon, Vic

Ebrahim, Sayyeda

Harlson, Ted

Panaich, Gugnigill

Sandhu, Randeep

Sullivan, Daniel

Vic Dhillon


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    14 06 03 Former Liberal Executive
    Amused watching Dhillon scramble around the riding. His racist remarks about baptized Sikhs blew up in the South Asian print media with even City News (TV) jumping on the story. Aided largely by the likes of former Premier Bill Davis; Conservative MP Kyle Seeback and various/sundry other Conservative stars, I have been watching the sign war closely. Sandhu seems to have first outsigned Dhillon in predominant south Asian sections of the riding. It appears to to woken Dhillon up to the point where, in panic he would make such comments. Sandhu is miles ahead of Dhillon in the over all sign war at the moment and Sandhu's entire team seems to actually be gaining speed. Perhaps they can taste victory which seems to be easily within their reach. I see this traditional Tory riding turning blue this time.
    14 06 01 Former Liberal
    I am not seeing or hearing any indication that Brampton voters have gotten over the Liberal scandals. The sign war is a great indicator and they CERTAINLY are not showing signs of a Liberal edge here. Moreover, Vic Dhillon's homophobic public comment about 'baptized Sikhs' is certainly not playing well in a riding made up of 46% visible minorities. His subsequent public apology did very little to correct things. In fact, the apology itself only drew more attention to the issue. Dhillon's problem is that he has not been very visible in the riding over the years but was clearly caught in previous lies about Peel Memorial Hospital. This one is going to be a close PC win based on a very strong local candidate (Sandhu) who seems to be more than compensating for dislike for Hudak. My sense is that Dhillon's very inappropriate homophobic comments are not setting well. The South-Asian media as well as City TV was all over those comments.
    14 05 29 Arden
    With the margin being what it was last election, and the fact Dhillon is running again, I feel it is most likely to stay LPO.
    14 05 27 Forner Liberal Supporter
    I strongly disagree with previous comments made here about a recent televised debate in which Dhillon took part. All I heard was him repeatedly mummbling that'it is complicated' when asked a question. Would have expected more insight from an eleven year veteran of the legislature. Perhaps after the campaign got into gear, voters are now comprehending the seriousness of the Liberal caucus' numerous and repeated scandals. My observation is that this riding is now awash with neighborhood after neighborhood of Blue (PC) signs. This one is a no-brainer and will be a PC lock. Sandu's campaign team are youthful and they are extremely active. The scandals are weighing heavily on the minds of BW voters.
    14 05 24 BramptonWalla
    Watched the Brampton West debate on Rogers TV the other morning, only person who had anything substantive to say was (surprisingly) Dhillon. I don't think the NDP candidate knows why she is running.
    Mostly Dhillon signs in the riding even in Peel Village, based on the sign coverage and the fact that my door has been canvassed twice by the Liberals, this one is gong Liberal again, I am pretty sure.
    14 05 23 A.S.
    Likely backed by a similar 'South Asian strategy' as Jagmeet Singh, BW saw the second best 2011 ONDP result in Peel Region--though it seems to have fallen behind Brampton-Springdale in 2014's NDP-target picking order. Even so, it's almost like we're poised to witness more (roughly speaking) 3-ways around these parts--like 905 Peelburbia is turning into an Ontario version of the Lib/BQ/ADP donnybrooks in Monttreal's outskirts...
    14 05 12 Llloyd Fournier
    A drive around the riding over the weekend tells a lot. Sandhu's campaign is chugging along. Lots of signs up already and a youthful team operating from a nice suite in a high traffic area. Stories afloat that the constant scandals that caused many of us long-time Liberal supporters to turn our backs on the party have had a very negative effect on Liberal's (such as Dhillo's) ability to fund a campaign. His little campaign office in a dingy commercial plaza may be an indication that they simply have no gas (pun) left. I have lived in this riding for over 40 years and can safely predict that Dhillon's days in politics are near an end.
    14 05 04 monkey
    Looking at the past vote, as long as the Liberals stay above 30% and don't implode like they did federally they should hold this. If they implode however, then the PCs might have a chance, but for now chalk this up for the Liberals.
    13 04 10 seasaw
    Too early to call this, though recent polls show that the Tories with a slight lead over the Liberals, ridings like this are hard to predict at this time.
    13 04 10
    This is one of several GTA ridings in which the Conservatives have improved upon their anemic 2011 candidate, this time running an energetic young businessman named Randeep Sandhu. Sandhu's strength, plus the Liberals' slightly narrower margin of victory here in 2011 relative to other local seats, gives the Conservatives their best chance at a pickup in Peel. That said, Liberal incumbent Vic Dhillon is no slouch himself, and the 905 remains largely unfriendly territory for Tim Hudak's brand of conservatism. TCTC, but Dhillon is the favourite.

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