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Brampton Centre

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2018-05-25 10:30:00

Constituency Profile










   Harinder Malhi

   (49.07% of voters in new riding)
   2014/2008 Predictions
   Jagmeet Singh

   (44.99% of voters in new riding)
   2014/2008 Predictions
    Mississauga-Brampton South
   Amrit Mangat

   (5.95% of voters in new riding)
   2014/2008 Predictions

Population (2011):103122

2014 Election Result:
Transposition courtesy of Kyle Hutton

10768 38.33%
7236 25.75%
8187 29.14%
1678 5.97%
OTHERS 227 0.81%
Total Transposed 28096

Component Riding(s) & Votes Transposed


Total Transposed13372


Total Transposed12873

     Mississauga-Brampton South

Total Transposed1851

Federal Election Result (2015):

Ramesh Sangha
Bal Gosal **
Rosemary Keenan
Saul Marquard T. Bottcher
Frank Chilelli


06/06/2018 NB Poll
I am a brmapton citizen and observing all Brampton seats very closely.I have visted all area in Brampton centre and Brampton east. Brampton east has still tie. But Brampton centre will be PC seats. I go through all candidate profile but found compitition will be in beetween NDP & PC.
Pc candidate Mr. Harjit Jaswal is experienced and Strong in this riding. This is diverse riding so people will vote for Mature candidate. Sara sing NDP candidate is young but his party policy and lake of political experience she will be not a first choice of people.
Liberal candidate is very late entered and his party leader has already gave up so no chance to win election by safdar.
After my carful study, I found that PC candidate Mr. jaswal will win the Brampton centre seat.
05/06/2018 MF
The Jagmeet Singh effect and the collapse of the Liberals should put Brampton Centre into the NDP camp.
PC will win, second NDP, Lib 3rd place
I visited the NDP campaign and the Progressive Conservatives Campaign and think the people in area are afraid of NDP. PC lead will be increase.
27/05/2018 Dave A
The PC candidate has not been seen and very few signs are up. On the other hand, Sara Singh, has surprisingly had her campaign up and running from the start. I went into this election thinking it would be a Liberal vs PC battle but now I suspect an historic breakthrough for the NDP.
5/24/2018 PC FOR SURE
The 10 cent per litre tax cut on gas and lowering insurance rates by calculating on driving record rather than postal code will be winning factors for PC in the riding and for the Ontario.
5/24/2018 Dr. Bear
Based on the current upward trend for the NDP in the 905 and the lack of a liberal incumbent, I see this going orange. Will reassess in a week or so to see if the NDP have stalled or not.
The promise of a new hospital and the Singh name will flip this to the NDP
5/16/2018 Paul
I visited both Liberals and PC candidates' campaign offices. Majority of the volunteers in PC office were Punjabi and Muslims in Liberals office. Jagmeet Singh impact will not be on this seat. NDP candidate seems gaining ground. But I believe PC candidate Harjit will win.
14/05/2018 KXS
At this moment this riding leans PC, but if the NDP continue to gain they will pick this up.
NDP candidate Sara Singh is running a decent campaign. The party's attention on hospital overcrowding and auto insurance will play well in this riding.
07/04/2018 A.S.
For the name 'Brampton Centre' to be applied to a de facto 'Bramalea Centre' riding really stubs a butt into the Bill Davis Tory legacy, so it's almost just as well that Giorgio Mammoliti nearly got to further sully that legacy. The seat's an odd beast, though--blue-collar Cold War suburbia that would have gone Rae NDP in 1990, but then federally Reform in 1993 because the Liberal candidate wore a turban. And while it's demographically diversified over the quarter century since, Bramalea remained Jagmeet Singh's 'weak spot' in recent elections--relatively speaking (though the fact of his running and representing here *at all* must loosen up the present-day Dipper latency a little). And Mammo or no Mammo, Brampton Centre is the sort of seat that'd look pretty sexy to the Doug Ford forces--whether on vestigial Reform-support grounds, or on current 'Ford Nation rainbow coalition' grounds. Because it's Brampton, of course, expect it to be (at least if 2014 dynamics hold) a PC-vs-NDP (and oh yeah, vs incumbent Liberal as well) battle for the ethnoburban populist soul.
26/03/2018 Innocent bystander
The post-Ford-wins polls are out, and the results are horrific for Peel Liberals, showing a net swing to the Tories of over 40 points (-18, +24).
If, and admittedly a large 'if', these results are consistent across the region, the Liberal Peel caucus goes from 7 (out of 8 seats) to nonexistent.
21/03/2018 Not Non-Partisan
Wow! I can't believe that I'm predicting that whacky Giorgio Mammoliti is actually going to win here, but he will. The Doug Factor will carry him and all of Peel.
19/01/2018 Bill
It is widely speculated that this riding is being kept for the son of former Premier Bill Davis, Neil Davis. If Neil is the candidate it will be a big win for the PC's in Brampton and will really help the PC win this riding and Brampton. As a new riding it will be interesting if the Liberals can find a good candidate to run for them. As of now the Liberals have had a tough time finding candidates to run for them, it will only be tougher if the polls continue to favour the PC and Neil is rumoured to run.
15/12/2017 M. Lunn
Tight Liberal-PC race and this is the type of riding the PCs need to win if they want to win a majority. Can win a minority without this, but probably not a majority. Also with this overlapping Jagmeet Singh's former riding, NDP likely won't win here but could play a spoiler role as the better they do the more likely the PCs are to pick this up on vote splits.

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