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Dev. from Quota:-18.78%
Area (km2):32210
Pop Density:1.19

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16/02/01 Bernard Schulmann Email:
Slam dunk win for Merritt rancher Dave Chutter. Harry Lali of the NDP is not running again and there are almost no people serioulsy interested in running for the NDP. The strongest NDP town in the riding (Lillooet) raised over 9000 for Dave Chutter the week
20/03/01 full name Email:
Yale-Lillooet will go Liberal with Dave Chutter, ranch owner, agricultural economicist, and grass roots candidate. Dave Chutter has been spending most of the last 2 months campaigning in his riding and is getting a good perspective of the issues. At the onset of the election call, we have not seen a NDP candidate nor heard of one running in our riding.
18/04/01 S. Paul Varga, Merritt Herald editor
Yale-Lillooet NDP selected Lower Nicola Indian Band chief Victor York to run for the party in the May 16 election on April Fools Day, believe it or not. Since his nomination, he has not been very visible or actively campaigning -- a story on the local radio station the day of the election call reported York had failed to respond to the reporter's phone calls. Tough to win an election that way. Don Moses was selected the Yale-Lillooet candidate for the All-Nations Party on April 10 -- he is also the party's leader.
19/04/01 DMB
Harry Lalli's blast in the paper today about the creation of the new South Chilcotin park should have just handed this riding to the Liberals. While I have long supported a park in this area it appears that once again the Premier and/or his cabinet are just making policy decisions when they wake up each morning, read the overnight poll numbers, pull a announcement out of a hat regardless of who it hurts and whether there is a consensus in the communities most affected by the decision. These kind of announcements are far to important to be introduced in the last days of any governments mandate - NDP, Liberal or other. Liberal gain
21/04/01 Bernard Schulmann
Welcome to the non-campaign. There is only one person campaigning in the riding, Dave Chutter. Prediction of the result: Chutter 65, York 17, Moses 16, Green (if they run) 4 (minus the 4 off of the NDP), Marijuana 2. There is a very significant aboriginal voting population here. The St'at'imc have regularly voted and the addition of two N'lakapamux candidates shoudl bring in a few thousand extra votes. ps I am on the Liberal Campaign Team in the riding......
25/04/01 Poll Junkie Email:
You'd think the large native population would help the NDP, especially as they have a First Nations candidate running and the Liberals have an appaling position on native issues. Dosanjh did visit the riding last week and opened York's campaign office along with a smiling Harry Lali. None of this changes the fact that it will be an easy Liberal win. Re the Chilcoltin park - hasn't that been in the works for years? I thought most groups in the community (except for the mining companies) were generally supportive, except that Lali went ballistic for some reason. I for one am glad they announced it - I don't think we'll see many new parks under Campbell, they are not mentioned at all in the "New Era" platform.
25/04/01 DMB
Perhaps Bernard can help us here. I think Harry Lalli went ballistic on this one for the following reasons: 1. He was the local NDP MLA went it was announced and wasn't informed about it. 2. He is quoted as saying the cabinet was split and Dosanjh announced this himself. 3. Poll Junkie is somewhat right that there was general agreement on a park in the area but the proposal that Dosanjh announced wasn't the consensus one that was emerging as part of the Lillooet land use plan but rather a quick attempt to buy a few green votes in the last days of the government.
I first visited the Cinnibar Basin area of the South Chilcotin area in 1982 and later supported Jay McArthur's South Chilcotin/Spruce Lake proposal while a delegate to the FMCBC. I have since biked part of the way to Spruce Lake and feel that this area if managed and developed properly could be a good boost to the eco-tourism in the area. Also poll junkie - Murray Coell is the enviroment critic for the Liberals - why not do as I did and email him asking him to ensure that a South Chilcotin Park and Spruce Lake are protected.
15/05/01 Bernard Schulmann
With reference to the Lillooet LRMP annoucment by Dosanjh on the day before the election. The Spruce Lake area was proposed as a park area by both proposals, the question was the boundaries. Each hectare of lost Timber harvesting Ladn Base is a net loss of about $200/hectare - this is when one balances forestry versus tourism. The local Liberal candidate Dave Chutter has come out in favour of sending it all back to the LRMP table to get a concensus. Harry Lali made a commitment locally to make sure that the phase one of the LRMP would not go against the community wishes - that he would vote against the government. He kept track of the status of the LRMP decision and knew cabinet was divided. He did not find out about the decision till a day later when a constituent phoned him about it. BTW I think one could be looking at Harry Lali to run in 2005 for the NDP in the riding, using his break with Dosanjh and his undefeated record as major platforms next time.

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