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9:56 PM 10/05/2009

Constituency Profile

Barnett, Donna
Green Party
Taylor, Elli
Wyse, Charlie

WYSE, Charlie
Cariboo South
(Approx. 90% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

Cariboo North
(Approx. 10% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 05 09 Bob
This riding was close last time. If lawn signs are an indication, it won't be so close this time.
The battle of the lawn signs is not even close. It's awash in NDP signs, and you really have to look hard for BC Liberal signs. Even in the more affluent neighbourhoods, you wouldn't even know there's an election since there are hardly any signs for any party there.
Personally, I think it's more of an indictment on Campbell than it is support for the NDP.
09 05 08 Vancouver Sun
Campbell promises action for ranchers in Cariboo
QUESNEL -- Premier Gordon Campbell rode through the Cariboo Thursday, hoping some pointed barbs and new promises would carry two swing ridings his party lost in 2005, each by fewer than 300 votes.
In his second trip of the campaign into the Cariboo, Campbell unveiled a new promise to build more fencing along rural highways and railroads.
?We're going to launch a program to provide fencing along highways, along rail lines, so our ranchers can protect their investments,? Campbell said at a rally in Cariboo North, where Liberal candidate Bruce Ernst is trying to unseat New Democratic Party forestry critic Bob Simpson.
Campbell said the new program will build on a three-year, $9 million program that built close to 600 kilometers of fencing.
That program expired in 2007, and a Liberal news release issued Thursday said there is an estimated 700 kilometers of additional area that has been identified for new fencing.
?We're going to take steps to make sure that the ranchers are not just a critical part today, but tomorrow and tomorrow and the tomorrow after that,? said Campbell.
Campbell also promised a Ranching Task Force, that he said would seek to eliminate unnecessary regulations that he said cost ranchers both time and money.
In 2005, the New Democratic Party won the two ridings now known as Cariboo North and Cariboo-Chilcotin, taking each by fewer than 300 votes.
Simpson took one riding, and Charlie Wyse took the other.
On Thursday, Campbell dropped into Quesnel for a rally in Cariboo North with Ernst, and then touched down in 108 Mile House for an airport rally in Cariboo-Chilcotin, where Liberal Donna Barnett is running against Wyse.
?I was here the first week and I thought it was a good idea to come back in the last week,? Campbell told a cheering crowd in Quesnel.
While Campbell touted his announcement for ranchers at both Cariboo stops, he also coined a new attack line, dubbing the NDP platform a ?job decimation strategy.?
Campbell also attacked comments made by Simpson, who is not only the NDP's candidate in Cariboo North, but also the party's forestry critic.
?Bob Simpson -- talking to a major trade journal -- he says that the American lumber lobby should be suing our companies for $500 million,? Campbell said.
?I can't even find the word to describe how irresponsible that activity is,? he added, speaking to reporters later in the morning during a photo op in a Quesnel lumber yard.
?[The comments] are staggering in how irresponsible they are and the jobs they put at risk.?
Campbell was citing an article in Madison's Canadian Lumber Reporter, which said Simpson: ?estimated that punitive damages in the amount of $500 million could be claimed by the Coalition [for Fair Lumber Imports] against BC lumber companies.?
In an interview, Simpson strongly refuted the claim that he was inviting lawsuits, saying that is absolutely untrue.
Simpson said the coalition has a growing list of complaints against B.C. companies for violations of the Softwood Lumber Agreement, adding he was only pointing out issues that have already been raised.
?All of the things I talked about are not unsubstantiated claims, nor are they invitations,? he said.
?It simply was a reiteration of where the coalition believes B.C. is going with its stumpage system,? he added.
Simpson returned the attack, saying Campbell is only making the comments because he is worried about losing the ridings in the Cariboo.
Campbell will travel to the Okanagan today, attending events in both Kelowna and Penticton.
09 04 29 Sharpe
Barnett has made a lot of enemies in her home turf because of cronyism as mayor, and even within the local Liberals, who have Walt Cobb as their campaign manager The gang who couldn't shoot straight...
09 04 27 Andrew
Sure, the BC Liberals are running the former mayor of 100 mile house, and the NDP traditionally doesn't do well in this area, but the voters of 100 mile are upset. They gripe about the maternity ward being shut down, and now the ER is on the chopping block. There's also loads of grumblings about potential school closures and amalgamations in the district. The majority of voters lay the blame on the BC Liberals.
This riding stays BC NDP.
09 04 02 NelsonFann
Wyse is a well respected leader in the community for many years. I expect that he doesn't want to win and form government though. He has been promising way too much that might make some think he's a bad choice in the election. He wants to pave every road (millions of dollars), pay for private crossings on rail tracks (millions of dollars), build or bring back expensive new seniors care homes even though existing facilities work (even more millions of dollars). Can we afford too many Wyse and his guys in Victoira in tough economic times? I say cariboosters suspect this, so they will vote against Wyse's spending promises.
09 02 25 DRP
The BC Liberals have chosen former 100 Mile House Mayor Donna Barnett as their candidate. Her name recognition and popularity will give the Libs the boost they need to re-take the riding.
09 02 10 TAN
It went to a recount in '05, and that might be case again this year. The real question here, and indeed all along the Highway 97 Corridor into Prince George, is whether the BCRail affair made the Liberals hit bottom that year or whether there is more room left to fall. If Wyse wants to get any sleep on election night, he'd better hope there is.

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