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Liberal Party:
Andrew Telegdi
Canadian Alliance:
Joshua Doig
Progressive Conservative Party:
Brian Bourke
New Democratic Party:
Richard Walsh Bowers
Canadian Action Party:
Robert Cormier
Frank Ellis
Green Party:
Jack MacAulay
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Christine Nugent

Andrew Telegdi

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Kitchener Centre

Population: 102 643
Avg Household Income 52 881
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21/10/00 A.S. Email:
High-tech U of Waterloo-spurred prosperity makes this a titch more conservative than Kitchener Centre; but with the redistribution away of the rural parts, less conservative than it once was. However, it's also the provincial seat of PC cabinet heavyweight Elizabeth Witmer (whom Telegdi ran third against in 1990). It may now look like KC's partner-in-belwether, but watch it carefully...
03/11/00 J. Reed
It makes me wonder... the Alliance talks a big story about all the seats they're going to get in Ontario, and then they pick crummy candidates. K-W is a case in point... if Josh Doig (former U. Waterloo PC and OPPCA exec, looks about 18 years old) is the best they can do, then they're really not going anywhere. If they were to win, the Alliance caucus would have about the same talent level as the 1990 Ontario NDP cabinet. Sheesh... hope the Tories can do better, 'cause otherwise Telegdi is going back to Ottawa.

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