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Liberal Party:
Jim Karygiannis
Canadian Alliance:
Andrew Faust
Progressive Conservative Party:
Bruce Elliott
New Democratic Party:
Mike Laxer
Canadian Action Party:
Wayne Cook
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Sarah Thompson

Jim Karygiannis

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Don Valley East
Scarborough Centre
Scarborough-Rouge River

Population: 107 373
Avg Household Income 53 476
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15/10/00 A.S. Email:
While some political observers have ranked him at the bottom of the Toronto Liberal barrel, riding profile and sheer momentum still seems likely to put Karyg. over the top. Or maybe not; whether due to the Asian crime issue or whatever, in the last provincial election, a hitherto unexpected Tory bubble was revealed in what had been traditionally the strongest Liberal polls along Steeles. Could be an interesting opportunity for (presumably) the Alliance to pounce upon a weakling...
01/11/00 AL
Looks like the NDP may run a star candidate in this riding. Might not be strong enough for the NDP to win but could give right wing Liberal Karigyannis a scare.
15/11/00 EP Email:
The Alliance campaign is running really dirty in this riding. Since I am white, in a conversation with one of their campaign volunteer, he decided to chase after Karygiannis's connection to ethnic community and attempts to trivialize thing by saying Karygiannis won in the past because of the ignorant immigrants who still think they are voting for Trudeau and the support from leaders of the different ethnic communities who "think the public is stupid". I hope the CA candidate does not share that kind of view.
17/11/00 AL
The NDP's Michael Laxer is basing his campaign on the fact that he's the only pro-choice candidate in the riding. Liberal Karygiannis is strongly "pro-life, pro-family" while the Tory and Alliance candidates refused to disclose their views. This "wedge" along with some high profile support from people like father James Laxer and friends should help move some social progressives who would otherwise vote Liberal or Tory into the NDP column this election as a protest vote.
19/11/00 A.S.
The trouble is, this has *never* been a strong NDP riding, federally or provincially. For all the demerits of Karyg'n'his opponents, I somehow feel that Laxer Jr. is more likely using this as a practice run for a more winnable race in the future (cf. Ann Swarbrick, who predictably bombed provincially in Markham in '87, then predictably won the old Lewis/Johnston fiefdom of Scarb W in '90). In an even better case scenario, he might be able to turn S-A into an unexpected potential NDP sleeper like Brampton Centre's become in recent years. But that's not the same as winning.

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