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Scarborough East

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Liberal Party:
John McKay
Canadian Alliance:
Paul Calandra
Progressive Conservative Party:
William Paul McCrossan
New Democratic Party:
Denise Lake
Canadian Action Party:
Dave Glover
Marxist-Leninist Party:
France Tremblay

John McKay

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Surrounding Ridings:
Scarborough Centre
Scarborough-Rouge River
Scarborough Southwest

Population: 103 134
Avg Household Income 59 252
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15/10/00 A.S. Email:
The strongest Toronto Reform riding in '93--though because strategy was favouring PC, not in '97. Meanwhile, the controversial and very Alliancey Steve Gilchrist is MPP. Look to this as the top Alliance target in Scarb...
22/10/00 Pundit Email:
Former MP Paul McCrossan will contest this for the PC's. He's one the Ontario stars for the Tory's and should win back the seat.
23/10/00 J Smith Email:
With the possible exception of Derek Lee, the Scarborough caucus of the Liberal party is weak. McKay spent this term in the Back Bench, and did very little for his constituents. With the PC's running star candidate Paul McCrossan (former MP), look for a Tory steal in Scarborough East.
03/11/00 AL
McCrossan was my MP once upon a time. Nice enough guy but he was not a "star" when he was in Parliament, I don't see what makes him a "star" now.
06/11/00 PMK Email:
If the Alliance is going to win any seat in Toronto it's this one. The demographics in the riding are favourable for the CA and they have a good candidate with strong community and political connections. The Liberals will be the main opposition with the PC's running a "star" candidate who was an MP...20 years ago. It just serves to reinforce Joe's image.
12/11/00 vonce Email:
This will be an Alliance victory. Calandra has signs everywhere especially in the areas of the riding that the Alliance should do well in. Recently a billboard went up at a well travelled intersection in the riding. To add even more pressure to the scenario Calandra has been a weekly guest in the Michael Coren radio show Sundays on CFRB where he takes on Liberal Volpe as well as a Conservative and NDP, Calandra does extremely well. People in the riding like him, he has done great work in the community and is known as a guy who listens and acts. I think this is a riding to watch, word has it the Alliance Central campaign is targeting this as a win and will be sending resources to Calandra in the next couple of weeks. Watch for Stockwell Day to pay Calandra a visit.
15/11/00 AL
While the 20 or so Scarberians who have nothing better to do on a Sunday night than listen to CFRB may be impressed by the Alliance candidate it is doubtful that his radio appearances or the popularity of his signs among pieces of private property will be enough to take this riding from the Liberals.

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