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Comox Valley

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BEAUDOIN, Sylvain Luc
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ROBINSON, John William
  Comox Valley
Evelyn Gillespie

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Comox Valley
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:16.47%
Area (km2):1736
Pop Density:31.63

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North Island

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19/02/01 CM Email:
Evelyn almost got recalled in this riding. Considering the current state of the NDP, she wont survive this time.
20/02/01 Interested Voter Email:
Libs just nominated Stan Hagen, a well-respected former Socred Cabinet Minister. Gillespie remains one of the handful of MLA's who never made it into any of the NDP Cabinet, notwithstanding an overwhelming absence of talent on the front bench. Should be a slam dunk for the Libs this time around.
06/04/01 Highland Flood
The Greens got 4.2% of the votes here in 1996, their fourth best showing in the province. That should make them competitive this time around. The riding won't stay NDP, but it won't automatically go to the Liberals, not if people start deserting the NDP. If the Greens don't sneak up the middle, look for them to finish second to the Liberals.
10/04/01 DMB
This was a case where in 1991 a good guy, nice guy, popular guy by the name of Stan Hagen was defeated when the NDP broom swept across the province and ended the Socred Party. Well now it's time for Stan to return the favor and with no 11% Reform vote in sight to be return to the Legislature. Probably a definite for Cabinet on Vancouver Island - how about his old job as Advance Education Minister. Liberal gain.
18/04/01 DG Email:
This vote will not be in favor of any party, but is a reaction to what the NDP has done to this province and the people and businesses in it. The NDP party will come to be known as the largest exporter of jobs and businesses ever in what was once, and someday will again be a beautiful place to live.I hope that the Liberal Party, when they run the NDP out of the province, will not think that they were voted in, but realize that the NDP was voted out.
22/04/01 M Holland Email:
Evelyn Gillespie has 3 major facts to overcome besides the unpopularity of the NDP. She was the only MLA in all BC on the disasteruos fast ferries board of directors, she worked to destroy a local charity Glacier View Lodge ignoring 6-7000 people who signed a petition saying she didn"t care how many people signed any petition, and she worked to have a Cat-scan located in a neighbouring riding even though the medical opinions strongly favoured the cat-scan being in her riding.
29/04/01 Email:
I would like to thank M Holland for the info on Evelyn Gillespie's participation on the Board of Directors of the dreaded Ferry Corp. She should be held accountable for the mess that was created under her watch. Its curious there is no mention of her participation on the Board of Directors in the bio section of the NDP's election site. I suppose they just forgot. Well, we're not going to.

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