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  Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
Bill Hartley

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Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:10.34%
Area (km2):120
Pop Density:433.50

Surrounding Ridings:
Fort Langley-Aldergrove
Maple Ridge-Mission
Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

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23/02/01 DMB Email:dennisbaher@netscape.net
A 5% vote swing here will elect a Liberal and there has also been considerable population growth in the area - young families and seniors. Unless there is a province wide sweep this is the Liberals most likely win on the North side of the Fraser.
06/03/01 love elections Email:d_parker71@hotmail.com
This seat could still stay NDP,if Hartley works for it,lots of young families out of east van in this entry level home area.
26/03/01 Bernard Schulmann Email:bernard.schulmann@lillonet.org
The NDP vote is in freefall, Bill Hartley is not that popular, certainly not popular enough to have a huge impact on the Liberal tide. Frankly I have seen little evidence that he is very interested in getting re-elected. I suspect the result here will be: Lib 60% NDP 30% Unity 7% Green 3%
27/03/01 S.G. Email:
A rapidly growing suburban area, not the right demographis for an un-popular NDP.
18/04/01 V.D. Email:
Liberal gain. The NDP can't regain their strength in this area. They can only hope to win in Vancouver and the north coast/Vancouver Island.
23/04/01 OB Email:obuchmann@home.com
Liberals. Absolutely. This is no longer, as a previous poster mentioned, a "entry level home" community. Average home prices in this riding significantly exceed that of Langley, Abbotsford and Surrey. There is a large concentration of professionals and business people, who would sooner slit their wrists than see the NDP re-elected here. Ken Stewart is your next MLA for Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows. By a walk.
23/04/01 DMB Email:politics101@telus.net
It's time to put this one in the Liberals column for a few reasons.
1. This riding along with the neighboring Maple Ridge - Mission is part of the old Dewendey riding that according to an article in a Vancouver newspaper on the weekend has always voted for the winning party in recent elections and we know that the Liberals are going to win.
2. McIntyre-Munstel poll numbers Sunday April 22, 2001 Liberals 72% NDP 18% with the highest concentration of NDP votes in Vancouver at 20% all other areas less than that.
3. The new families moving into the area aren't the old guard NDP types but instead small l or small c types.
4. Of all the NDP pundits who have been picking seats that they might have a chance of holding on too - this is isn't on any ones list.
27/04/01 Ian Email:
watch out for Mike Gildersleeve and the Green Party. He is very well respected in the environmental community and has demonstrated his committment on many occasions. This is a community concerned with sustainability, proper planning, public transportation and water quality. Ken Stewart is a Campbell clone and has done nothing and said nothing for this community.
06/04/01 HK Email:
This is a riding where the fear of "79 gordon Campbells" is going to work for the NDP. Hartley is well repected, been elected in one capacity or another for 18 years. He's free of any NDP scandal. He's seen as an environmentalist. The Green campaign in the riding is week so there won't be vote splitting. The Liberal Candidate was part of the NPA municipal council that was turfed - he didn't run for re-election on the NPA slate but can't shake the association.
14/05/01 HK Email:
More folks for Hartley. the Leaky Condo association CASH has endorsed him. This is a well organized group and are getting the word out to their members
14/05/01 SI Email:
The people in this riding will remember what Hartly did such as the HOV lanes across the Pitt River Bridge,when traffic was at a stand still and the people spoke. The West Coast Express which has helped ease the commute. The people in this riding know that if a Liberal gets in thier voices will not be heard.

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