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2005 - élection générale (Canada)

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Bloc Québécois
Robert Carrier
Jean-Claude Gobé
Christian Lajoie
Martin Leduc
Rosane Raymond

Robert Carrier

2004 Résultats:
Robert Carrier
Carole-Marie Allard
Rosane Raymond
Benjamin Le Bel
Louis-Philippe Verenka
Yves Desbois
Régent Millette

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2004 Projet D'Élection Prévision

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17 12 05 Stéphane Gaudet
Non, pas de gain libéral ici. Carole-Marie Allard ne jouit pas du respect d'un André Harvey (Chicoutimi) suffisant pour faire basculer ce comté dans la cagnotte libérale à l'encontre de toutes les tendances à l'échelle du Québec qui favorisent plutôt le Bloc. N'oublions pas que cette circonscription a été bloquiste de 1993 à 2000, et l'élection de la candidate libérale par 1 292 voix de majorité et seulement 2,2% d'avance le 27 novembre 2000 apparait plus comme un accident de parcours que comme une tendance lourde. Ce n'est pas une circonscription particulièrement fédéraliste: francophone, classe moyenne, banlieue, bref un terreau typiquement bloquiste.
08 12 05 Mathieu
The Liberal candidate use to be a member of the National Assembly for 15 years and as a good organisation. It will be tough, but he'll win.
08 12 05 Fanfan Sauvage
Strong candidate with huge organisation. Not a ocincidence if the PM kicked off his campaign over there
02 12 05 M. Lunn
Perhaps Liberty Canada should check the polls. Even myself as a Liberal voter knows full well they won't win this riding. In 2000 when the Liberals were ahead of the Bloc Quebecois, they only won this by 3%, while last time around they were behind by 15%. This time around the gap is even larger, so I think it is safe to assume any ridings the Bloc won last time around, they will hold, unfortunately.
Date 29 11 05 Liberty Canada
Paul Martin's kickoff speech last night was possibly the best I've seen him give since he bacame leader of the Liberals, and if he keeps that up, we're looking at a majority Liberal government, pushed over the top by regaining the losses of the last campaign in Quebec. This seat will be one of them. With the rallying call for federalists to get behind him, I think you will get the substantial immigrant base of this riding out in full force to get rid of The Bloquiste.
29 11 05
Ce comté à voter pour le BQ en 1993, 1997 et 2004 avec de bonne majorité à seule expcetion en 2000 ce comté avait élu un candidat Libéral.Donc élection du candidat Bloquiste avec une majorité assez confortable.
21 11 05 Ex-liberal
The Bloc won here in 2004 even as they faced a relatively popular incumbent. With the Bloc still being very popular provincially, they will keep this seat quite easily.
14 11 05 Alex
Ce comté à voter pour le BQ en 1993, 1997 et 2004 avec des majorités fort acceptable, mais en 2000 il a voter libéral est-ce à cause des promesses faite lors la mise à jour économique? si c'est le cas il iront peut-être voter Libéral pour-être certain d'avoir les cadeaux promis par le gouvernement actuel.Je prédit quand même ,que ce comté ira au Bloc Québécois mais avec un majorité affaibli.
05 10 05 Bear and Ape
It pains us more to say that the separatists will likely keep this one. Unlike Laval les Isles, this riding does not have the large English speaking community to prop up the Liberals, nor does it have a well-liked Liberal incumbent. Ironic as it may be, Andre Harvey (if he runs again) will have an easier time in Chicoutimi than any Liberal here. The Liberals had a hard time winning this riding even without the specter of Gomery. Maybe in the subsequent election but not the one coming up.
18 09 05 Liberty Canada
As much as it pains me, I have to put this one back in the Liberal column. Adscam has died down, and All polling indicates the Liberals have regained much of the ground they lost over the past year. I would go so far as to say, that the Liberals will hold what they have curently, and retake some of what they lost on and around the Island of Montreal, to wit, Vaudreuil, Alfred Pellan and St Lambert.
17 05 05 Neal
Don't be so quick in handing this one to the Bloc.... Heavy Italian population here could put this back in the Liberal column especially as sober second thought about the interpretation of a Bloc vote sets in.
If Carole Allard runs again, I think some protestors, and stay at homes may well correct what happened last time.
We really are entering a new phase. When Jacques Parizeau hits the interview circuit, it should tell you the sleeping dragon is indeed awakened.
Fortunately, whenever Fat Jack wades into the debate, support for separation drops a few points!
Move this one into the too close to call column.
02 05 05 M. Lunn
If it weren't for the Sponsorship scandal, this would be a swing riding, but with the adscandal destroying the liberals in Quebec, the Bloc Quebecois will this by an even bigger margin this time around.

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