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Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Ernst Braendli
Frank Chilelli
Gurbax S. Malhi
Cesar Martello
John Sprovieri

Hon. Gurbax Malhi

2004 Result/Résultats:
Gurbax S. Malhi
Raminder Gill
Fernando Miranda
Sharleen McDowall
Frank Chilelli

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05 01 06 Rob
This one is hard to call. In my neighbourhood (vales of Castlemore) there are virtually no signs. 18 months ago it was plastered with Liberal signs. Liberal campainger came around yesterday asking if they could put a sign on my lawn. There were no signs on my street yesterday and now there are 3 small Liberal signs out of about 100 homes.
03 01 06 GWB
As of the 3rd of Jan, Mr. Sprovieri's website was hilarious. Clearly plagarised from Nina Grewal's site. My favourite part is the section on abortion where he says "If you want to know my opinion, I am a woman, end of discussion." A close second is where he says "We must twin the Port Mann Bridge so my constituents can go to work and not spend all their free time on the road". Mr. Sprovieri does not leave a good impression.
Editor’s note: Mr. Sprovieri’s website issue section was blank as of Jan 4th 8:33am EST. For more details, see Jane Taber’s January 4 article at globeandmail.com.
24 12 05 A.S.
Curious, the lack of entries BGM's spurred so far compared to previous election cycles--is its Liberal rubber-stampness now taken for granted? It looked artificially vulnerable in the 90s, when a turbanned Sikh in Parliament was still a bit exotic for white-trash Bramaleaers to take; and again in '04, when Malhi was up against an ex-MPP. Now, in an intriguing switch from the Asian-vs-Asian pattern that prevailed here in the last two elections (and still does in two neighbouring ridings), the Tories are footing Italian-Canadian municipal councillor John Sprovieri--and at this point, the apparent tilt in the face of political correctness is almost more of a refreshing "post-racist" change (at least, one may wishfully think) than a hangover from the bad old days. Of course, opposition to SSM might work to Malhi's favour; still, it's a little hard to imagine that that issue alone will spare him while claiming his pro-SSM neighbours Dhalla and Bains--sure, it might work out in the sticks for a Cheryl Gallant or Paul Steckle, but in this suburban/ethnicized case, voting patterns are more likely to be generalized and/or party-specific than candidate-specific. Besides, if anything racially/ethnically-based is going to choke up Brampton/Mississauga Liberals by proxy, it'll more likely be something like the Omar Alghabra debacle than anything SSM-related...
09 05 05 M. Lunn
A couple weeks ago when the Conservatives were ahead in Ontario, I would have put this as too close to call, but now I think the liberals will hold it even though it maybe a bit closer. The liberals will not get below 40% while the Tories will not crack the 40% mark either. Unlike some of the 905 belt ridings further North, which are more rural, this is a very diverse highly populated suburb. Also the ethnic vote will likely stay liberal as before and I don't think the Gay Marriage issue will help the Conservatives since Gurbax Malhi voted against same-sex marriage so that issue won't work in this riding (maybe in the neighbouring riding, but somehow I doubt it). Also many in the Ethnic community were insulted by Harper's ads claiming all immigrants opposed same-sex marriage when in fact the ethnic communities are divided themselves although opposition to same-sex marriage is slightly higher.

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