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Carleton-Mississippi Mills
Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

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Tasha Bridgen
Jake Cole
George Kolaczynski
Isabel Metcalfe
Gordon O'Connor
Progressive Canadian
Tracy Parsons

Gordon O'Connor

2004 Result/Résultats:
Gordon O'Connor
Dan Wicklum
Rick Prashaw
Stuart Langstaff

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25 12 05 A.S.
Remember that not only was this Scott Reid country in 2000, it was (I think) 100% represented by the provincial PCs even after 1987's Larry Grossman fiasco. Deceptive, maybe, given that Kanata itself would incline Liberal if it were given a chance to (which may be why, in '04's redistribution, Scott Reid chose the boondocks over the 'burbs). But the almost classically federal OntariTory Gordon O'Connor comports himself all too heroically well--and remember, he was '04's only Ottawa-region candidate to score (albeit barely) an absolute majority. (Yes, even those Ottawa-Vanier Grits fell short of that mark.) And I'm glad to see nobody on this site's making bold claims for the NDP this time--look, the machine's not there, and the last result proves it...
08 12 05 Joey
Judging by the lawn signs on private property there are more Conservatives here then Liberal. The Liberal candidate came to my door before the campaign began, she stated that she would have voted against the rent reduction for the Queensway Carleton Hospital which would not be popular in this riding if it is made a local campain issue.
01 12 05 Robert Jones
The Liberal candidate is a relative unknown in the rural part of this riding. Issues in the rural part of the riding will set the agenda for this election. Unless the wheels fall of the conservative bus this one is staying Conservative.
16 10 05 MF
Almost definitely Tory. The PC-Alliance merger wasn't as successful as its proponents had hoped, but nowhere did it succeed more than it did in Eastern Ontario, the most conservative region of the province. Some critics of the merger said a united right would be too scary for supposedly moderate Ontario voters. But not in Eastern Ontario. While the image of the patrician socially liberal PC voter was somewhat true in the GTA, it's certainly not the case in Eastern Ontario.
06 05 05 Craig
This riding looks rather interesting on paper (combining suburban Kanata and rural West Carleton/northern Lanark) but even the suburban areas here are quite conservative, unlike the 905 area around Toronto. That means that Gordon O'Connor, possibly the next Defence Minister, should get re-elected with ease. He may be a social moderate but his conservative credentials on foreign policy and fiscal issues get the job done here. The question will be later, how controversial will he be if they go alongside Bush in future military endeavours...Predicted results: CPC 56%, LIB 26%, NDP 12%, GRN 6%.
03 05 05 Nick Boragina
This man is known as "The defence guy" by our political science class. He was in the forefront on the submarine incident, and rightfully so, he's the defence critic!
This is a solidly tory riding, and Mr.O'Connor will win here easily, assuming he runs.
03 05 05 RWA
This riding went Alliance in 2000, which means the Liberals won't be winning it back anytime soon.
01 05 05 Miles Lunn
With the Conservatives up in the polls from last election and considering they won by 17% they should have no problem taking this one, even if the liberals make a full re-bound, which is somewhat doubtful. Besides Gordon O'Connor would likely be the next defence minister should the conservatives form government.

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