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York South-Weston

Federal Election - 2006 - élection générale

Constituency Profile
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Dragan Cimesa
Maria De Angelis-Pater
Paul Ferreira
Steve Halicki
Alan Tonks

Alan Tonks

2004 Result/Résultats:
Alan Tonks
Paul Ferreira
Stephen Halicki
Jessica Fracassi
Shirley Hawley

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26 12 05 MH
Since York South-Weston came into being in 1976, the Liberals have failed to win the constituency just once. In 1997 ex-Liberal MP John Nunziata won the seat running as an independent. He could not fend off Alan Tonks in 2000, however, and in 2004 Mr Tonks easily defended the seat. Mr Nunziata might have made the race interesting this time, but apparently he won't be in it. Mr Tonks should have no difficulty at all in beating his Conservative and NDP opponents.
21 12 05 Graydon
Liberal MP Alan Tonks is up against the same two candidates as last time. Paul Ferreira for the NDP and Stephen Haliki for the Conservatives. Tonks received 60% of the vote in the last election and won every poll in the riding and his family's political history in the area goes back some 70 years. It is highly unlikely that either of his opponents can make any inroads in the riding this time around, where they failed so miserably last time.
As certain a Liberal win as there can be.
02 08 05 A.S.
As a Tory, John Nunziata would make better sense running in his actual current "home turf" of Etobicoke--here in the impoverished land of former federal and provincial leaders, the NDP's got a stronger claim to the anti-Liberal vote; but their spirit's still weak (even though they reclaimed a sorta-solid 20%+ second spot in '04 after years of Audrey/Alexa/Nunziata-induced desolation). Of course, Bob Rae could try for a federal comeback here or in Parkdale-High Park--trouble is, if we go by certain newspaper reports, he'd more likely do so as a federal Liberal leadership contender-in-waiting than as some Laytonian Broadbent II fantasy...
12 05 05 Nick Boragina
If, and that's a big IF, nunziata decides to run for the tories, he and they will win the seat. The Nunziata VS Tonks battle was fought out in 2000, and left a bitter taste in many people's mouths. With official party support, and with Gomery, that should be enough to push him over the edge this time. Of course, if he does not run, he, and the tories, will not win this riding.
11 05 05 IGB
If John Nunziata runs as a Conservative it means that Tonks' margin of victory may be smaller than in 2004. If Nunziata doesn't run, expect a cakewalk for Tonks and the Grits.
03 05 05 JC
Nunziata may run for the Conservatives but it does not matter, Tonks will win by default thanks to the fact that he won by a huge margin last time.
01 05 05 Miles Lunn
The York ridings are solid liberal ridings since they are outside the downtown area where the NDP is strongest while still a 30 minute drive from the outer 905 ridings that the Conservatives are most competitive in. Alan Tonks only had a close race in 2000 since he was running against Independent John Nunziata, but with Nunziata not running, he will hold most of those votes and win another comfortable majority.

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