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4:25 PM 24/03/2007

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Federal Election - 2007

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Bouchard, Dan
Day, Stockwell
Hallford, Valerie
New Democratic
Poynting, Ralph

Hon. Stockwell Day

2006 Result:
Stockwell Day **
David Perry
John Harrop
Karan Bowyer

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08 02 15 A.S.
I agree that the big thing Doris Day's got going for him now is that he *hasn't* been such a buffoon in cabinet, considering. If voters didn't turf him when he *did* seem more of a buffoon-in-waiting, in '04 or '06 or whenever, they're even less likely to do so now. And if his mandate sinks, it'll be due to other extenuating matters.
07 11 07 R.O.
Conservative hold , as this is cabinent minister Stockwell Day's riding . in my opinion he has come along way since his disasterous run as alliance leader. his time in government has been good, the last few years he has held a few high profile posts and this riding is in interior of bc a largerly conservative area .
07 04 21 Stevo
It would be stunning if M. Lunn could actually cite any instances of Day's buffoonery while in Cabinet without attacking his private religious beliefs. In fact - surprise surprise - Mr. Wetsuit has been a very effective cabinet minister (even Lawrence Martin admitted as much in a recent column!), deftly tackling the complex public security portfolio and representing Canada well in talks with his American counterparts. Although some intolerant people will apparently never get past his PRIVATE religious beliefs, he nonetheless has achieved a good record as cabinet minister. Conservative hold, with over 50% of the vote.
07 03 21 M. Lunn
Stockwell Day is one of the biggest buffoons in cabinet, but this is a safe conservative riding and even if he embarasses his constituents frequently and does nothing for the BC interior, he will still win. I just hope he gets below 50%.

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