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Bégin, Aline

Fortin, Benoit

Gélinas, Pascal Le Fou

Moore, Christine

Moreau, Yvon

Thibault, Claude

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Christine Moore


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15 10 17 NJam101
This electoral district is next to the one I live in. It contains the City of Rouyn-Noranda as its largest centre as well as the larger Towns of La Sarre and Amos.
I have no doubt that NDP MP Christine Moore will be re-elected. Her main contender will be Yvon Moreau of the Bloc. Everybody in the region is talking about great Christine has been and how she has been a breath of fresh air being young, female and someone who made it a priority to represent constituents over the party line. She was the NDP critic on military issues and was praised for standing up to Harper's cuts to the Defence budget and controversial purchasing decisions.
The main industries in the region are mining, forestry and agriculture. Moore has had strong support from those working in all of those sectors. It is so nice to see Abitibi-Témiscamingue having a representative who isn't part of the sovereignty movement.
15 10 13 Teddy Boragina
We are in a position where that could change by tomorrow, but at this time, with the NDP closer to 29% and the Bloc closer to 23%, the Bloc will still not be winning this riding. The math just is not there. Those numbers still give the NDP a 4 point lead in this riding.
In short - and no, it's not exact - the Bloc needs to be ahead of the NDP in Quebec to win this riding.
15 09 20 A.S.
Besides being one of the more stellar performers in the NDP's Quebec caucus, Christine Moore's chalked up another superlative by giving birth in the middle of the election--has that happened before with a running incumbent? Not that such an extenuating event would impair her chances of reelection under present circumstances, of course.
15 06 09 Observer
Selon La Presse, on a des nouvelles ce matin que Gilles Duceppe sera de retour comme chef Bloquiste. Mario Beaulieu s'est rendu compte que sous son direction, le Bloc Quebecois va nulle-part et risquait d'etre éffacé du carte électorale, donc, on a arrivé a une enetente qu reverra M. Duceppe a son ancien position.
Est ce que ca changera beaucoup? Avant d'accepter, l'équipe de M. Duceppe a prs une sondage, et a découvert que Le Bloc attirera 3 fois des voix sur son directon qu'a celle de M. Beaulieu. Sans doute Il pourrait attirer de l'argent et des candidates, possiblement des vedettes de son anien équipe.
Alors je crois que le Bloc poura faire in impacte non-negligible cette élection, en reprendre des sieges en Monterégie, Laurentides, Lanaudiere, Gaspésie, Mauricie, Lac St Jean et en quelques circonscriptions en Estrie.
Restez branchés.
According to La Presse, there is news today that Gilles Duceppe will be returning to the leadership of the Bloc Quebecois. Mario Beaulieu had come to terms with the fact that the party was going nowhere fast under his leadership, perhaps even looking a a complete wipeout, so they arrived at a deal that would see M. Duceppe return to his old job.
Will that change much? Before accepting, Duceppe's team commissioned a poll and found that the Bloc would attract 3 times as many votes under Duceppe than they would under M. Beaulieu. No doubt he will also bring in some much needed money, and some candidates, perhaps many from his old caucus.
Therefore I believe the Bloc could pose a threat to win seats in Montéregie, Laurentides, Lanaudiere, Gaspésie, Maurice. Lac St Jean and some ridings in the Eastern Townships.
Stay tuned
15 03 28 monkey
As a strong resource riding with a strong union movement, I suspect it will go NDP unless either Quebecers decide to swing solidly behind the Liberals to oust the Conservatives or the BQ rebounds. Neither looks likely at this point, but if there is one thing about Quebec, they are unpredictable in which way they will vote and usually don't show their cards until the final weeks of the election campaign.
15 03 24 Dr. Bear
Another riding where orange is the new light blue and where the Dippers won big. I don't see the BQ or any other party putting on much of a fight to win this seat. NDP hold.

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