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  Port Coquitlam
Mike Farnworth

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Port Coquitlam
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:6.92%
Area (km2):2000
Pop Density:25.21

Surrounding Ridings:
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Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows
North Vancouver-Seymour
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01/05/01 tom s
Given the strong performance of Delaney in the debate,and the fact that Farnworth is running a strong campaign,I believe that Farnworth will be reelected on the 16th.Delaney may well give him a run for his money.
01/05/01 Email:
Don't count out UNITY leader Chris Delaney. He proved on the leader's debate that he is very much in this race. He has alot of signs and got great exposure in the leaders debate.
01/05/01 Michael Ensley
This is another seat that can be saved with the line that the BC legislature does not need 79 Gordon Campbell's. Farnworth had picked up on this theme before Ujjal D and win a close one.
02/05/01 Email:
Chris Delaney has proven himself. He turned in a strong performance on the leader's debate. May 1, the candidates were on Bill Good and Farnworth clearly won. Mike and Chris teamed up to hand a beating to Karn Manhas, who performed absolutely horrible. Karn won the nomination by having 1 young Liberal sign up his school chums who did not know what they were signing up for. THEY CAN'T VOTE. I think it is not off base in the least to suggest that MIKE will win, due to the right wing split, with Delaney coming in 2nd and Karn Manhas, a distant 3rd.
02/05/01 Mr. R. Veld
Farnworth is a person with continuing strong ties to Glen Clark. As recently as a few weeks ago Farnworth was ready to accept a suggestion by Glen Clark to reduce gasoline taxes by 8 cents a liter, in response to the bus strike. [partisan plea edited]
02/05/01 Mark R.
Look at former Reform BC votes. Perhaps much of this will go Unity, now that Delaney made a tad of impact. But the intelligent anti-NDP vote will go to the Liberals because people will remember what happened last election: vote spliting between Reform and the Liberals caused the NDP to form government. Look for a Liberal win.
02/05/01 Email:
Mike Farnworth has been using the Ujjal debate line of "we don't need 79 Gordon Campbells" since the writ was dropped. Chris Delaney performed well and will get atleast 10% of the vote, quite possibly more, it will atleast split the right-wing enough to allow a Farnworth win
02/05/01 A Past PoCo Resident Email:
As a past PoCo resident, I have faith that the NDP will win in this riding. Mike Farnworth has always worked hard for this community, and I don't believe the Voters will forget his efforts come May 16th
03/05/01 Email:
Mike will be victorious. He's been a great MLA, bringing more to PoCo then any other previous MLA. We have Karn Manhas, a horrible candidate, who won the nomination through dirty tricks. And we've got the straight-shooting leader of UNITY BC to split the right-wing. BTW he hates Karn Manhas and really likes Mike Farnworth. Mike is a lock
03/05/01 CD Email:
I know that many people think that Mike Farnworth is a "nice guy". But anyone who knows politics knows that if you are the best local candidate, that can account for 10%, 20% tops. Farnworth can win PoCo if the NDP shoots up into the high 20's, low 30's province-wide. Even then, he'll need Chris Delaney to split some of the vote with the Liberals. People remember how stupid that was during the last election - I don't think voters will be doing this again.
04/05/01 Email:
Mike Farnworth will win. He has been such a great MLA and people will reward him for that. Chris Delaney will preform very strong and will allow Mike to win. KARN MANHAS REFUSES TO DEBATE MIKE FARNWORTH. He is scared, but because Mike handed him a beating the one time they debated on CKNW. Karn is now consitently skipping debates. HE's AFRAID. Mike will win, he's a great MLA and will benefit from the Right-Wing vote split.
05/05/01 DMB
To all you NDP types - look at the Compas poll numbers for the Vancouver, Burnaby and Northeast sector Liberals 62% NDP 21 Green 9% - give Mike 10 extra points for being a nice guy and give 10 % of the Liberals to the Greens/Unity and it's still a 21 point lead. The real question isn't 79 Gordon Campbells but do we want any Glen Clarks, Gordon Wilsons, Moe Sihota or any NDP at all. Perhaps in the last ten days of the campaign the NDP in this riding will spell our their legislative agenda for the next four years in government so the voters will know exactly what they are voting for in Mike Farnsworth. Looking back over the 1996 NDP platform I don't see any mention of the $450 million expenditure for three fast ferries, or $150 million gift to the Carrier lumber group or $30 million to Doman Industries or a casino license to a friend of the premier . Oops I think I just exposed the NDP 1996 hidden agenda - Sorry about that Mike and Ujjah.
05/05/01 Email:
Chris Delaney is going to be a huge factor here. He's running a blistering campaign here and performed very well in the leader's debate. I think that he'll do very well and that Karn Manhas will split the right-wing vote with Chris Delaney enough to allow a Farnworth win, with Chris Delaney a close 2nd and Manhas a distant 3rd. This race is between Chris and Mike
05/04/01 tom s
this riding isn't voting NDP it is voting Mike Farnworth,I listened to the all candidates debate on CKNW,(the Bill Good show).Karn Manhas was PATHETIC,both Farnworth and Delaney where miles ahead of the Liberal.Make no mistake this one will be won by Mike Farnworth.
06/04/01 JB Email:
Delaney's performance on the debate was not that brilliant at all. I feel it all fell apart right after the mural question and his topless comment (don't know where it came from and where he thought it was going). After that he looked very "red neck" and was politically incorrect on some of his answers. Gordon Campbell actually came out as a voice of moderation. Farnsworth just has to hope people do not continue making him wear Glen Clark.
07/05/01 C.U. Email:
On election day it will be Karn, not Mike. The polling shows that politics in the Tri-Cities have changed significantly since Chrsity Clark's breakthrough in Port Moody in '96. In elections past the NDP had an organizational advantage in the suburbs. Thi time the BC Liberals in the Tri-Cities are extremely well organized and will have the machinery to deliver the vote on E-Day.
09/05/01 Email:
This is clearly a 2 way race between Farnworth and Delaney. Manhas is not even in the picture. He has been a horrible candidate, while Mike Farnworth has been amazing and Chris Delaney has been very credible. Manhas has skipped all the Candidates Meetings. And when Campbell came to PoCo he got a horrible reception and Karn Manhas actually snapped and started yelling at a 15 year old, who simply asked why he wouldn't got to his school's all candidates meeting. THAT IS DISGUSTING. Manhas doesn't deserve to be MLA at all. Farnworth win, followed by Delaney
10/05/01 Tom W. Email:
This riding will go to the BC Liberals. The NDP, with Mike farnsworth as a prominent member have bumbled and bungled there way through the past decade. The result, BC looks like the poor, homeless cousin of Alberta...despite the fact that this province has so many outstanding human and natural resources. NDP people can talk all they want about what a nice guy Mike is, but on election day, people will vote for the candidate that will carry our province forward, and create a better society for us all. Karn Manhas is a very well spoken and intelligent young man with great ideas, and despite a lack of experience, is on his way to being a great leader in this province. The experience of Farnsworth is that of an incompetent MLA as part of a terrible party. Many ridings in this province have "traditionally been NDP". Gusss what, things in this province are about to change, and this riding will be no different. I can't wait to May 17 when the future of our province will be incredibly brighter.
10/05/01 Robert Carlyle
The Liberal tide is going to sweep over Poco-Burke Mountain as well. Delany is a good and seemingly sensible man, but he should have run somewhere else, his Christian Conservatism won't run here. It'll be closer than most, but Karn will take this riding.
10/05/01 KW
I am convinced that Karn Manhas will win this riding. In my opinion he is an excellent candidate for the people. Mike Farnworth carries the Glen Clark legacy. And I ask myself this question... if a person was not trustworthy while in government, how can that person be trusted in opposition? I think, Farnworth is out. Delaney is a non-starter, once you read what he really stands for. My guess... Manhas 60%, Farnworth 20%, Delaney 10%, Other 10%.
11/05/01 JC Email:
Manhas is finished. The local papers are covering a story about how MANHAS snapped and yelled at a 15 year old. He is a horrible candidate. He has not attended any all candidates meetings. Manhas upset alot of "old time" liberals when he won the nomination in an underhanded way. They are working for Chris Delaney who is performing strong. Mike Farnworth is a great MLA. He is killing Karn in the sign war, and Karn has almost all of his signs on public property. He'll lose. For sure. Who ever said he'll get 60% is so off base, it's not even funny.
11/05/01 tom s
"Muzzled "Manhas, will not win here, Farnworth will, The Vancouver Sun said yesterday that it is a real possibility that there will be only three new democrats elected Mcphail, Kwan, and Farnworth. Every media outlet has the Port Coquitlam riding on there list of the few ridings, the NDP can win. Manhas was terrible on the "Bill Good Show" all candidates meeting,his campaign manager has quit,he embarresed his leader when he came to Port Coquitlam,Manhas is not going to win here,the Libs should have got Marion Lochead to have a chance.
11/05/01 C.R. Email:
The last advertising I received from Mike makes it look like he's running as an independent. He can run but he can't hide. Mike was at the cabinet table for every one of the disastrous decisions taken by the NDP government in the Glen Clark- Ujjal Dosanjh era. Fast Ferries, Casinogate, FRBC, phoney budgets, the death of the mining industry, the chaos in transit as well as the distinction of having created the highest unemployment rate west of Quebec. [partisan text edited]
11/05/01 cd Email:
I live close to Port Coquitlam, and have been following this race with some interest. My prediction is as follows: Manhas 39%, Farnworth 28%, Delaney, 16%, Green 15%, others 2%. That's a fair assessment. I think it's quite nuts that you haven't put this into the BC Liberal column yet - there's no way that Farnworth can win.
11/05/01 LHGP
Another one of the very few ridings where there is actually a race, this is an interesting one. Farnworth is popular and has incumbent advantage. He is running an excellent sign campaign. Although most ridings where the NDP is running are in danger of having possible winning margins shaved off by the greens, in this riding expect to see BC Liberal support shaved off by Unity leader Delaney. Just enough to see Farnworth join Jenny Kwan, Joy McPhail, and possibly Ujjie and Tim Stevenson.
13/05/01 RB Email:
I have met both Mike Farnworth and Karn Manhas. Some of the NDP supporters' ideas that I have read here are quite contrary to what I found. Karn Manhas, I think, is a very intelligent man with lots of integrity. With regards to signs, two neighbours on my block told me that they have been pressured to take an NDP sign. One of them removed his sign a few days later, the other left the sign, but says that they decided to vote Liberal or maybe even Green. I suspect that Manhas will win, maybe not quite with 60%, but well ahead of Farnworth. I am not sure yet about my vote, but I am leaning BC Liberal.
13/05/01 CT Email:
When you take the last elections results and plot them into the new riding boundries it becomes apparent that Mike Farnworth only won by 7%, that means less than 2400 votes. I am extremely confident that 5 years of anti-NDP rhetoric will convert a mere 1400 voters to come over the the BC Liberals. That means only 3.5% of NDP voters last time need to switch to the Liberals. Provincial polls peg the oercentage of NDPers who will now vote Liberal at around 35%-40%. Manhas only needs 3.5% ..... the numbers dont lie. This one will be Liberal with nearly 50% of the vote. Remember, the suburbs are one of the strongest polling area's for the Libs at around 68% .... there is not enough room in there for PoCo to elect Mike. It is nice to try and believe it, and spin about the possibility ... but is cannot happen. No way, no how.
13/05/01 Email:
This weekend's Now Newspaper, the local paper, was the final nail in Manhas's casket. Farnworth win
13/05/01 MO= Email:
Chris Delany has had the most exposure on TV and radio debates. As the leader of a party, albeit a party with low support, he has that party's main resources behind him. A provincial campaign they may bomb, but they likely have enough of a nucleus to get their leader elected. Despite the best attempts by NDP and Liberal activists to paint him and his party as extreme, he's proven that they have no documentation or substance behind their arguments. He also has some very British Columbian ideas on parliamentary and democratic reform that will carry him far. From what I'm hearing from friends in the area, he has goo sign coverage also. If Unity will win any seat, It will be this one. My prediction: Unity 35% NDP 30% Lib 30% others 5%
12/05/01 C.U. Email:
I agree with CD, Karn will beat Mike, but with a smaller margin of victory than most. My prediction 44% Manhas, 36% Farnworth, 8% Delaney, 12% Other. Karn is a decent, hard worker fellow who will do a fine job representing the citizens of Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain.
14/05/01 Email:
After this past weekend's story in the Now Newspaper, Karn's finished. How can any person vote for a individual who yells at 15 year old kids. Pathetic!!!
14/05/01 JRFD Email:
The right wing split combined with the popularity of the NDP candidate and the effectiveness of the opposition message will return Mike to Victoria
15/05/01 cd Email:
I can't believe your prediction. There is no way that Farnworth will win. He will be beaten by a larger margin than the votes that the Unity leader will get. I maintain that Karn will get at least 40 per cent of the vote. Farnworth is toast.
15/05/01 Walter Loos
I believe Mike Farnsworth, not the N.D.P., will take this riding. Despite the disrepute his party is held in, Mike would seem to be held, personally, in high regard. Of course, Delaney's profile doesn't hurt. The one element that would seem to assure the incumbent's reelection, is the weakness of the Liberal candidate, and local resentment as to how he became the candidate. Port Coquitlam is still a small town. People here vote locally and independantly. Personally, I'm voting for an ideal. I'm voting Marijuana Party.

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