1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction
Timmins-James Bay

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Yves Malette
Progressive Conservative Party:
Marcel Pelchat
New Democratic Party:
Gilles Bisson MPP
Green Party:
Jennifer Poole
Ed Walsh

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Cochrane North (82%):
Len Wood
Cochrane South (83%):
Gilles Bisson

Member of Parliament:
Reginald Belair

Surrounding Ridings:
Kenora-Rainy River
Nickel Belt
Thunder Bay-Superior North

Population: 78 414
Avg Household Income 45 067
Language (Home)
English 41 265
French 30 465
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03/02/99 JAA Email: ashton@ebtech.net
Granted, this prediction is only comming from reviewing the numbers from past elections, but I bet that this winds up the NDP's biggest victory, numberiacally speaking.
03/03/99 A. Email:
The NDP owns this one. Gilles Bisson, who was re-elected easily last time, is taking over the riding of Len Wood, who was also re-elected easily last time. It could very well be the safest NDP seat in the province.
03/30/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
The real inside-out irony is that Bisson's home base of Cochrane South was the only riding beyond Nipissing to stay Tory in '87, thanks to the populist appeal of onetime leadership contender Alan Pope. But now, with Bisson being the only NDPer to earn an absolute majority in '95, don't expect another Alan Pope around the bend sometime soon.
05/01/99 N.J. Email: northerner@hotmail.com
No chance for the PC's! Voters are looking to who will listen and support Northern Ontario. Mike Harris is extremely unpopular here. Gilles Bisson will get lots of votes from Timmins but the rest of the riding may look more to the Liberals. Yves Malette will have to work hard to get to be known in this gigantic riding (I think it's as big as England!?) but he can win if he has an excellent campaign like Reg Bélair did in 1997, our federal M.P.
05/19/99 E.D. Email: surespin@hotmail.com
Gilles Bisson is the king of this ridding. He was in 'campaign mode' a year before this election was called. Yves Malette, the Liberal candidate, has no previous political experience and his party was divided on his nomination. As for the PC candidate... 20 year old Ottawa U. student - nice summer job kiddo!
06/01/99 N.J. Email: northerner@hotmail.com
I have been volunteering for Yves Malette and I now know that we have a good percentage of support in the riding. I live in the weakest area for Liberal votes (South Porcupine and Porcupine) and there even appears to be a more Liberal support here than ever. Our strongest areas are the Mountjoy part of Timmins, Hearst and Smooth Rock Falls. It all really depends how Timmins city center and Kapuskasing vote. These areas may be ready for a change from the NDP which can only be Liberal in Northern Ontario. Pelchat and Walsh together will get less than 10% of the vote. I believe both Malette and Bisson both will each get at least 40% of the votes and it will be VERY close. The reason why Gilles Bisson had about 53% of the votes in 1995 was because the Liberal candidate was a poor choice and he made some extremely degrading comments towards a woman. I think this riding is actually too close to call. Liberal support has really picked up in the last 2 weeks because many realize that the NDP may not be an official party after this election....

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