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Don Valley West

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Liberal Party:
John Godfrey
Canadian Alliance:
John Wakelin
Progressive Conservative Party:
Michael Murton
New Democratic Party:
Ali Abbas Naqvi
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Fernand Deschamps
Marijuana Party:
Greg Stock

John Godfrey

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Beaches-East York
Don Valley East
St. Paul's
Toronto Centre-Rosedale

Population: 103 026
Avg Household Income 77 193
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19/10/00 Steven Lloyd Email:
The results from the '97 election give the Liberal Incumbent an edge. Unless the PC's are on the rise in Ontario and the Liberals are on the decline (and I havn't heard about it), this seat will remain Liberal
01/11/00 A.S.
Once, fuelled by the most affluent electorate in Toronto, this was the premier "safest PC seat in Toronto"; how times have changed. Even in 1997, it seemed enough of a PC "natural" that city councillor Joanne Flint was excellently poised for a retake. But now, even here, the PCs are a hollowed-out shell, and in spite of Bay Street overtures and the fact that Tom Long lives here, Alliance still seems at best a very dicey prospect (though a star candidate like Gordon Chong--or, for that matter, Tom Long--would certainly help). Thus, with this newly-configured split and confusion in the right and seven years of seasoning behind him, John Godfrey--an urbane leftist a la Allan Rock, yet safely out of the cabinet crossfire--has defied tradition to become a local institution. Almost like the Liberals ruling Westmount--why not here? Still, where the "natural inclination" has always been upscale right-of-centre, one must always watch...
12/11/00 JC Email:
Don't count the Alliance out this time. This is a former conservative riding and many Tories are switching to the Alliance. The incumbent got a great head start with the snap election call, but John Wakelin is up and running and getting very good response at the door. Many who voted Liberal in the past will sit this unnecessary election out. The incumbent has no influence in Ottawa with the glut of Ontario MPs. Very little activity from the PC candidate.
26/11/00 MH Email:
This is another one of those constituencies that will only go anything other than Liberal if the Liberal organization collapses completely and thousands of Liberal supporters stay home. To call this for the Alliance seems like more than wishful thinking. It's fantasy. If it happens, it's not just an Alliance victory in DVW but in the country.

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