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Thunder Bay-Atikokan

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Liberal Party:
Stan Dromisky
Canadian Alliance:
David Leskowski
Progressive Conservative Party:
Ian Sinclair
New Democratic Party:
Rick Baker
Green Party:
Kristin Boyer

Stan Dromisky

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Kenora-Rainy River
Thunder Bay-Superior North

Population: 76 922
Avg Household Income 48 092
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25/10/00 Brad N. Email:
it's about as close to the Praries as you get in Ontario, but don't be fooled.. the Liberals had this one in the bag last time with 18% over the 2nd place NDP.
03/11/00 A.S.
The provincial stronghold of ex-provincial Liberal leader/Liberace lookalike Lyn McLeod; but federally, it's the lesser of the Lakehead's Liberal lairs, and Dromisky's no stunner. Still, it's likely to stay, for the lack of a prospective NDP surge, and it's nearly impossible to imagine Lyn's Lakehead going Alliance...
08/11/00 G Email:
I don't want to make a hasty prediction about this riding, but there is real strong anti-Liberal sentiment right now here. I just finished a campaign run with the PC Candidate, Ian Sinclair, and he found nothing but welcome support for change, irate (now) ex-Liberals who dislike Dromisky, and vote parkers who would rather give their vote for a younger man who is prepared to listen to his constituency. It is very possible that someone could rise up and beat this 70-year old "yes man". It is also very interesting to notice that party affiliations could be disappearing in this race, as Ian, the PC in this race, seems to have a few volunteers who came from NDP backgrounds. update the candidates, the PC Candidate is Ian Sinclair. He's the 26-year old president of the riding association, who's father was the head of the grain shipping industry in Thunder Bay and who's aunt was the mayor of the city for a few years. Whether or not he becomes a factor depends on how he gets his message out. Since his nomination on October 30th, he has been campaigning door-to-door nightly and has quietly built up a contingent of volunteers, donations, and sign opportunities. It makes the race here more interesting, as Ian is really challenging Uncle Stan's credibility record, citing every bogus thing that Dromisky has said in Ottawa.
16/11/00 j buchanan Email:
stan drumiski has not brought one single dollar to this riding federally and if thats how cretian treats his mps why waste a swing vote on him. it is important to note since he was elected i have not seen or heard from him. we sometimes fall into the belief that whomever wins federally should in our best interest also be elected in our riding in order to sustain some type of funding as a reward for our vote but as you can see this is not the case with the libs. i will devote all my spare time and effort to campaining for the canadian party, alliance needs an opportunity to their clear common sense aproach. it seems the liberals are terrified of days intelligence as can be seen nightly, thanks

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