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Windsor West

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Liberal Party:
Herb Gray
Canadian Alliance:
Jeff Watson
Progressive Conservative Party:
Ian West
New Democratic Party:
John McGinlay
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Enver Villamizar
Christopher Soda

Hon. Herb Grey

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Surrounding Ridings:
Windsor-St. Clair

Population: 102 282
Avg Household Income 40 786
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12/10/00 SAS Email:
Herb Gray won this riding in '97 with 55% of the vote...the closet challenger was the NDP with 23%. When one also considers that Gray has had this seat since 1968 (the longest sitting MP in the Commons today), it looks to be a victory for the Liberals.
Editor's Note: Herb Grey was first elected in 1962
19/10/00 Brad N. Email:
For as long as Herb Gray is in federal politics he will hold this seat. The NDp have a presence, but no where near enough to even contend.
03/11/00 A.S.
In 1997, the archetype of NDP "bookmark" ridings. This wasn't targeted quite like its Windsor neighbours--who'd want to defeat Herb Grey?--but that near-quarter of a vote + a dozen or so polls won, a near-full recovery by Windsor standards, was an ominous sign of the NDP's earmarking this for future gains. But the way things are going, NDP could well finish behind Alliance...provincially, they slipped behind PC here in '99...

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