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Port Moody-Westwood

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Liberal Party
CLARK, Christy
New Democratic Party
REVEL, Brian
Marijuana Party
  Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain
Christy Clark

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Previous Result (old ridings):
Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:5.01%
Area (km2):84
Pop Density:589.40

Surrounding Ridings:
Port Coquitlam-Burke Mountain
North Vancouver-Seymour

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19/02/01 Email:
Christy Clark will definitley win this one. She is a great MLA and has a great team working hard for her.
19/02/01 CM Email:
Christy Clark will be Liberal leader after they get sick of Campbell. Until then, she'll hold this riding VERY easily.
20/02/01 Bernard Email:
Christy Clark will get re-elected easily. Though I doubt she will manage to be premier, the competition for that job will be stiff when Campbell leaves sometime after the election in 2009.
23/02/01 Sue Email:
Christy Clark will win. She has not been very high profile in the riding, but she is high profile in Victoria. I think she is totally like Sheila Copps (exactly like her) and won't be very good in a government. She isnt very smart and has made her career on attacking other parties and people. She will win and be MLA again though.
26/02/01 B.C. Email:
This riding will end up being one of the strongest showings for the B.C. Liberals across the province. Christy is perhaps the most popular Liberal M.L.A. (perhaps more so than Gordon Campbell), and voters know she will have a key, high profile role in the new Government. Christy has been by far the Liberals strongest performer in the Legislature, and has a lot of substance on key issues. Should be shoo-in for the next Deputy Premier of B.C.
28/02/01 JK Email:
I think the "Deputy Premier-Elect" will have an easy breeze here, unless the NDP decides to pull a smart one and put Joy MacPhail in here. Boy, would that be fun to watch-J. MacPhail vs. C. Clark, the real power behind the throne vs. the sidekick of Gordon Campbell. However, I think Christy is going to be all over the province come election time: running the campaign, coordinating attacks, going after high-level NDP ministers, etc.
07/03/01 love elections
Christy will win big here,this liberal star,and one of the top mla's in the province with(Macphail,Farrell-Collins,Farnworth),will become a key minister,and deputy premier.
12/03/01 cd Email:
Christy will win. She's smart, a quick study, and very articulate. She's going to be an excellent member of the Gordon Campbell government's team.
21/03/01 Joan Email:
Christy will win this seat with a big majority,especially as she has the very BC Liberal westwood plateau in her riding.
26/03/01 VL Email:
Cristy might be big in Victoria, but she hasn't seen Revel -- he's bright and articulate and will give her a strong race.
07/04/01 Highland Flood
Clark's past disobedience of Campbell's orders to stay out of federal politics could see her get a tougher post like Social Services or Children and Families, or some merger of the two.
10/04/01 Jack Email:
What's this nonsense about Christy being involved in federal politics? She made a conscious decision a couple of years ago to quit her membership in the federal party, and made no secret about it. If Campbell was so concerned about her former federal Liberal membership, why did he make her the provincial Campaign Co-Chair? This stuff about her "federal involvement" is something Bill Vanderzalm spouts off about, but it is obvious that Campbell doesn't fall for it. The BC Liberals include all people who want to get rid of the NDP - Alliance members, Progressive Conservatives, former Social Crediters, even federal Liberals (former and current). Get used to it. It's a broad-based coalition, and Campbell knows that this is exactly what we need to put B.C. back on track.
10/04/01 Port Moody Resident Email:
You're right, VL, Christy Clark hasn't seen Brian Revel. Neither has anyone else in the riding, because he doesn't live here! He lives in the West End of Vancouver, 45 minutes away, and was nominated at a meeting that attracted a whopping 7 NDP members. I hope he is as articulate as you say, because he will need every ounce of his rhetorical skill to explain both his parachute status, and the record of his government. Despite some bravado from a few partisans, the NDP knows full well that Christy is untouchable, and will focus their resources in the region on trying to save Farnworth's seat. Predicting an NDP win in this riding, especially given the boundary changes, just makes you look silly.
12/04/01 from Tri-City News Email:
Yhe former leader of the BC Green Party endorsed (unsolicited) Christy Clark in Tri-City News, the local newspaper that serves Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Anmore and Belcarra. He also noted, "The BC Liberals are a "big tent" party; therefore environmentally-concerned voters need to vote strategically to make sure that there are friends of the environment sitting on the next government's front bench."
24/04/01 BN Email:
Christy Clark no doubt. She's experienced and skilled. She's represented this riding very well, and I'm sure she'll continue to serve the public with the passion that she displays in the Legislature and in the community. I remember her holding "afternoon tea" get-togethers with the citizens in her riding. I don't know if she still does that, but so far she's the only MLA I've ever heard of that's willing to discuss important issues with people in an open, informal gathering.
15/05/01 cd Email:
Christy Clark will win with over 2/3 of the vote. (Almost) everyone in Port Moody-Westwood loves her.

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