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Liberal Party
BLOY, Harry
Marijuana Party
GRIN, Peter
New Democratic Party
Green Party
Unity Party
  Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain
Christy Clark

Previous Result (redistribution):
Previous Result (old ridings):
Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:8.77%
Area (km2):35
Pop Density:1465.14

Surrounding Ridings:
Burnaby North
New Westminster
North Vancouver-Seymour
Port Moody-Westwood

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20/02/01 V. Email:
a new riding, that the NDP is not organized in, while the BC liberals have a strong local candidate nomminated since the summer, should be Liberal win.
27/02/01 B.C. Email:
New riding created by redistribution is tagged as a swing riding, but should be won by the B.C. Liberal candidate hands down. Factors: 1) Half of riding was held by B.C. Liberal star, Christy Clark. 2) B.C. Liberal candidate, Harry Bloy, has strong community roots and has been actively campaigning in the riding for a year already. 3) Despite being in the heartland of traditional NDP support, NDP have no real organization here. Expect NDP resources to be focused on other Burnaby ridings (Willingdon, Edmonds), leaving this one for the B.C. Liberals to walk away with.
28/02/01 EP Email:
Harry Bloy = Strong local candidate? Didn't he run a million times for Burnaby Mayor and came in third a million times? Oh right, he didn't get the nomination from BVA so he went out and created his own party and used the name of ths oh-so-successful NPA from Vancouver. The unfortunate thing is that he is actually going to win because of the poor NDP organization. The citizen of this riding will have a MLA that is self-interested, arrogant and bitter. With those characters Harry will certainly gel well with the "right wing freako" section of the Liberal caucus. Perhaps they will start their own party too after they lose the next leadership to the moderates...
14/03/01 KH Email:
As some one who has had a chance to get to know Harry Bloy I am offended my the comments of "EP". Harry is one of the Hardest workng candidates the BC liberals have. He worked hard for his nomination and has been working hard everyday since. He is out there knocking on doors, raising his profile and putting together a strong team to help in his election campaign. Harry should be commended for dedication to his community and we should be proud that he is willing to put his name forward for what he believes in.
15/03/01 EP Email:
As someone who has had a chance to get to know Harry Bloy from various municiple campaigns (of which he ruined the chances for non NDP candidates to gain control of the Burnaby City Hall) I can tell you that he might be working damn hard, but he is still a self-interested, arrogant and bitter politician. He is someone that is not fit to be a representative of the public will.
18/03/01 KH Email:
I cannot believe that someone would say that Harry Bloy is not fit to represent the people of Burquitlam. My understanding is that Harry ran for Mayor under the NPA banner in 1996 after a failed attempt at uniting the BVA and the NPA. I helped out with the BVA campaign that year and it was not because of Harry that none of the BVA candidates other than Barbara Fisher and Doreen Lawson managed to get elected. It was mostly due to a lack of organization and funding, going up against the BCA's well oiled union machine. Following that election the BVA and the NPA merged- Harry Bloy was a part of that and is still a proud supporter of Burnaby free enterprise politicians. I strongly believe that Harry Bloy will make a fabulous, long-serving BC Liberal MLA for the Burquitlam area. Someone any that beleives in free enterprise will be proud to support.
20/03/01 CP Email:
Harry Bloy has been working hard on his campaign for the past year and is ready to fight the upcoming election. He seems to have a good grasp on the local issues, has made repeat visits to Simon Fraser University to meet with students, and has a long record of community service to back up his candidacy. The BC Liberals will take Burquitlam.
22/03/01 Email:
I think that the NDP has a great chance to take this riding. In the redistribution Burquitlam has picked up the NDP friendly area of Burnaby Mountain from Port Moody-Burnaby Mountain. The NDP has a good candidate in Bart Healy. He is someone that people can relate to and has a refreshing energy that is needed in this province.
09/04/01 North Road Commuter Email:
Healey was doing some electioneering on Sunday, with he and one other supporter waving hand made signs at the corner of North Road and Cameron. The signs made no reference to the NDP whatsoever, just a lot of amateurish, "vote Bart, he's a great guy" stuff. At least this way he just got ignored -- the NDP name would have inspired some pretty nasty abuse from the folks driving by. I have worked on "no hope" campaigns, and I know how lonely it can be. I almost felt sorry for these two guys. Running away from your party's name is a desperation move that is a lot like pulling the goalie -- sometimes you can make it work, but most of the time it just makes a bad situation worse. It's even more hopeless when you aren't a "big name" candidate, as this guy isn't. In most normal elections, this would be a competitive riding for the NDP, as the demographics might normally favour them. The old rules, however, are on hold for a pending blowout like this one. Harry Bloy will take this riding, and it isn't going to be close.
09/04/01 GP Email:
My prediction may be wishful thinking, but I think the NDP has as good a chance here as anywhere. If Burquitlam had existed in 1996, the NDP would have taken it, based on the actual voting results. Bart Healey makes a great impression in person, on the voter's doorstep - if enough voters have the opportunity to actually compare him with his Liberal opponent, Healey could win.
11/04/01 Tiny Tim Email:
"Healy Bart" (as he calls himself on those non-ndp signs, made a fool of himself with those ranting editorials he got in the local papers. He made a fool of himself alone on the road, and then again with one other person. Now you are making a fool of yourself by picking him as the winner. N'dippers need to learn that last elections results were from 5 years ago, and people aint gunna vote the same.
24/04/01 Bruce Foster Email:
Of my old friend Harry Bloy, this political scientist predicts that he will take to his new job of MLA seriously and diligently. So what if he's ran for mayor of Burnaby a number of times? The Harry and family we know are a hard-working, decent bunch with strong roots in the community. The bleating I'm reading from those making unsubstantiated ad hominem comments about Bloy sounds like the typical whining of what remains of the NDP, truly a cabal of incompetents who have long ago forfeited any moral right to organize anything beyond a 2-person attack on a 3-hole shithouse.
01/05/01 Shane Kennedy Email:
About Harry Bloy and the great BVA & NPA divide. The BVA was a real force on Burnaby Council for a number of years in the 1970's until Doreen Lawson managed to gain control of the BVA (all the liberals thought they had to support her no matter what) and then the party went down the drain. All the money raised and support generated was used to support old Doreen as she was always promoted as their best chance. Pretty soon Harry and some of the younger members of the BVA couldn't stand it and formed the NPA as a way of forcing renewal. Notice that after the merger of the two groups Lawson dropped out of politics. No, Harry isn't self-serving and he won't put up with other that are ... he'll win hands down ...
01/05/01 Milton Email:
When active in politics, Doreen Lawson commended respect from across the political spectrum. To pull her into this muddle shows nothing but Mr. Bloy's (and his supporters') bitterness. I urge you to stay clear from attacking a retired politician that have earned her place as a political landmark in municipal politics.
06/04/01 Mondee Redman Email:
Shane, if you are going to rant, at least get the facts straight. BCA and BVA majorities switched back and forth in the 70's. The BVA had majority on Council from 1979 until 1987 when my party (BCA) won. Doreen retired in 1999 after 8 terms on council (5 in the 70's & 80's & 3 in the 90's). To think you and Harry had anything to do with is pure fantasy. Doreen left politics respected by both members of her own party and the opposition.
09/05/01 TRS Email:
Shane: Doreen Lawson served Burnaby well. Even though I never supported her, I respected her committment to our city. She is a true Liberal and always has been, unlike the johnny-come-latelys like Harry Bloy and you. Your slagging of her proves that the "New Era" touted by Gordon Campbell is just a return to the good old Socreds. As for Harry, there are a couple of things that he forgot to mention in his bio: While he was on the Advisory Planning Commission he voted against low-income family housing. (Burnaby Now February 28, 1993) When he was a candidate for School Board, he was selling pornography, which was accessible to children, in his convenience store. Harry is the epitome of Gordon Campbell's Liberals, a political opportunist who will say or do anything to get elected. The citizens of Burnaby have had the good sense to have never elected Harry in the countless times he's run. I hope that on May 16th that well-established tradition continues.
11/05/01 realistic Email:
Interesting observations but you're missing the obvious! The Unity Party's Greg Watrich has well surpassed the popular vote in all the public candidate's meetings! Don't think this party is being ignored! Already many previously Liberal supporters have changed to support the Unity party. Why haven't you heard anything about this? Because the media fails to print anything substantial on the Unity party. [partisan text edited]

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