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LEE, Richard T.
Marijuana Party
WARE, Dale
  Burnaby North
Pietro Calendino

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Burnaby North
Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:8.73%
Area (km2):25
Pop Density:2050.40

Surrounding Ridings:
North Vancouver-Seymour

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19/02/01 CM Email:
Weak NDP win in '96; Liberal pick-up in '01.
21/02/01 JB
I don't understand how Calendino won in '96. Every experience I have had dealing with him has been negative. Th only times he ever speaks in the legislature is when he introduces visiting constituents (and he screwed that up for me. This riding will be an easy win for the liberals. The people of Burnaby need good representation.
20/03/01 CP Email:
Richard Lee is a great candidate for the BC Liberals in Burnaby North. The BC Liberals should pick this seat up from the NDP.
07/04/01 DMB
The three Burnaby ridings tend to follow provincial trends and will swing to the Liberals this time around. None have strong sitting members and all were won by about 7% last time. Liberal gain
14/04/01 AR Email:
DMB should check his facts. Burnaby North has been NDP since the 1960's. And before that I have never checked. Burnaby North even went NDP in 1975. (I knew the university political course would come in hardy someday)
17/04/01 DB Email:
Based on name recognition and strong constituency work, a couple of NDP MLAs like Farnworth might, MIGHT have a chance of surviving the coming slaughter. The same cannot be said for Calendino. It takes a pretty special talent to have missed out on the endless cabinet shuffles prompted by four premiers in the last five years, but Pietro pulled it off. He is not particularly warm or well loved, and, unlike Farnworth, cannot point to a list of goodies he has delivered for the region. His lack of profile as a backbencher will kill him in the coming Liberal sweep. The Liberals came within 4% of winning this one in 1996 -- it's hard to imagine them not being able to make that up this time.
23/04/01 Jean
I lived in North Burnaby for last two years and Richard Lee is the right candidate in this area, He is very concern of Human right and community values, is a guy who will be in services of low income families , if you want to meet him, is there for you.
23/04/01 S.G.
Well, walking and driving through North Burnaby, I saw tons of Richard Lee signs up (large and small, most on private property) and not one NDP sign. I even saw two green party signs. Richard T. Lee will definitely win this time around!
26/04/01 AR Email:
Did anyone see the picture of Harry with homemade & printed signs standing roadside in the April 22 Burnaby Now. Guess that means Harry now hasthe "no hope" campaign.

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