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Reform Party
ABRAHAM, Shirley
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Marijuana Party
CAINE, Randy
Liberal Party
CHEEMA, Gulzar
New Democratic Party
Unity Party
Action Party
  Surrey Cloverdale
Bonnie McKinnon
  Surrey Newton
Penny Priddy

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Census 1996:
Dev. from Quota:-7.48%
Area (km2):29
Pop Density:1504.14

Surrounding Ridings:
Delta North
Delta South
Surrey-White Rock

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23/02/01 DMB
This new riding will also go to the Liberals and Dr Cheema - a former MLA for the Liberals in Manitoba in the Sharon Carstairs days will be going to Victoria.
23/02/01 S.C. Email:
I am quoting from editorial of Winnipeg Free Press, Friday June 18, 1993,"As a health critic, Dr. Cheema resisted the temptation to critisize every government announcement. When Health Minister Don Orchard introduced legislation or policies that were, in Dr. Cheema's opinion, in the public interest, he did not hesitate to say so. If those policies were badly conceived, he would explain why and offer positive suggestions for the government to consider. Many of those suggestions were considered and adopted."
Upon leaving manitoba the Winnipeg free Press commented that Dr. Cheema "set a high standard for politicians on both sides of the House."
The constructive approach of Dr. Cheema earned the respect of Conservative Premier Honourable Gary Filmon, who commented on July 14, 1999,"His (Dr. Cheema's) actions and conduct allowed him to transcend political lines. He was one of those MLAs who always put the needs and wishes of his constituents first... someone who could always be counted upon to do the right thing."
Sharon Carstairs, former leader of manitoba Liberal party and now Senator and Government Leader in the Senate, had this to say in July 1993," Gulzar has been an honest, hardworking politician and a loyal friend. I have often relied on his wisdom regularly in the five years we have worked together. I will miss that, but I expect it is a wisdom that will be of notable benefit to the people of B.C."
21/04/01 Email:
This riding is going to BC Unity for sure. I think people may be surprised how many seats Unity may get. This riding is Heather Stilwell's, and Stilwell is the Surrey Schoolboard Chairperson, I believe, or former Chairperson. Her lobbying of parents and families to oppose homosexual literature in schools and fight for other conservative ideals has made her EXTREMELY popular. This riding is new, it has not had an MLA before, and Stilwell is one of the most popular people in Surrey, particularly this area. She does not rank well with young people, but Unity will offer youth in Delta North and Delta South. Stilwell definately has the support of so many people and is owed a debt of gratitude by many. She will take this riding in a sweep.
23/04/01 Steve Email:
Yeah, ok, sure there. Maybe you should be a member of the marijuana party the way you're talking.
24/04/01 Martin Eady
This will be a big Cheema win. He's a hard worker, very organized, and the riding is now demographically inclined to throw out the NDP. Watch for a big turnout in the Parorama Ridge neighborhood with a 10-1 Liberal vote. That will outvote the other parts of the riding where the NDP is somewhat more competetive. (Besides, with the polls at 72-19, this predicting stuff isn't very hard....)
26/04/01 Mark R.
If the voters who do not want the NDP to get in are any bit intelligent (and I believe them to be), they will not vote for Unity because of what happened in 1996 (vote splitting). This will go BC Liberal. HOWEVER....if Unity builds momentum in this riding (doubtful) then the NDP just "might" be compedative here (because of the split).
07/05/01 Keith Richmond Email:
This will be an interesting race. I do not how how Heather Stillwell is doing in her campaign but she could pull an upset here, especially if voters are strategic. Still it is quite the battle, and I think teh Libs will have the momentum going in. But I still won't call this one. :)

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