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2009-08-28 16:58:00

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Bigland-Pritchard, Mark

Parry, John

Vellacott, Maurice

Zipchen, Patricia

Maurice Vellacott

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  • saskatoon-wanuskewin (155/167 Polls)
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    11 04 28 btp
    Isn't it funny how the worst candidates sometimes get the largest pluralities. It happens here.
    11 04 17 C.A.B.
    This is probably the safest Tory seat in Saskatoon. It was their only comfortable win in the city in 2004 - despite Chris Axworthy running for the Liberals. In 2008, Vellacott won by over 30 points, with a clear majority. I expect a similar share and margin in 2011.
    11 03 30 Lowlander
    I suspect Vellacott will see a drop in the Conservative vote this time around, but he won by around 9,000 votes (with over 49% of the vote) last election; he's in no danger.
    11 03 29 M. Lunn
    Of the mixed urban/rural riding, this is probably the safest Conservative one. It has been their strongest showing in each of the past elections and each time the Tories have either come close to the 50% mark or surpassed it thus even if there is a lot of strategic voting the Tories should hold this.
    09 08 27 wyatt
    With a 10,000 vote lead and 56%, Vellacott will hold the seat without difficulty.
    09 08 27 JJ
    Long-time Conservative riding which has returned Maurice Vellacott to office with healthy margins of victory time and time again. CPC hold.

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