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Paul Steckle
Canadian Alliance:
Mark Beaven
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Ken Kelly
New Democratic Party:
Christine Kemp
Canadian Action Party:
Philip Holley
Dave Joslin

Paul Steckle

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Population: 94 731
Avg Household Income 45 032
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21/10/00 A.S. Email:
A wouldbe Reform target in '97, but Steckle squashed'em even with PC and improved on his '93 total with an absolute majority. Why? He bucked his party, listened to his constituents, and opposed Bill C-68. This was once classic SW Ont agricultural Torydom; now, barring a Mulroney/Harris-type CA sweep, it's Steckle's to keep.
22/10/00 Brad N. Email:
If the CA is going to pick up ridings in SW Ontario this would be a prime target. Mostly Rural, provincially Harris-supporting it would be an easy catch for them if they build enough momentum during the campaign. If the PC support really turns out to be as bad as expected and splitting is not a factor then Huron-Bruce goes to the Canadian Alliance. If there were a prediction icon for CA/LIB that would be my prediction.
25/10/00 BT Email:
The Tories are about to nominate a very credible candidate by the name of Ken Kelly. Ken is very knowledgible in the field of Agriculture having served on the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for five years. Ken is a local farmer from Paisley area - north end of Riding.
30/10/00 Rebecca Siegner Email:
Huron Bruce riding, will vote for the Alliance party due to the fact that a change is coming on a global level as well as a national level.
12/11/00 Steve McCowan
People in Huron-Bruce are looking for change. They are in agreement that Mr. Steckle is now an ineffective M.P. because of the Prime Minister black listing him and sending him to the back bench. Huron Bruce is definitely going to the Alliance. The buzz on the street is that it will be close but Mark Beaven will win by 1000 votes.
13/11/00 EP Email:
In response to the previous poster (though I still think, unfortunatly, Steckle will still won the seat): Paul Steckle is so called "black listed" becuase he is a bigot. He would certainly be more appropriate representing the Alliance. He voted against every justice/equality bill proposed by the Liberals and openly plotted against the Prime Minister. The only reason he ran for the Liberal was that he is an opportunist and the Liberal was high in the polls.
15/11/00 J.W.
I find EP's post unnecessary, unfortunate and not conducive to good debate. To brand someone a bigot is slanderous or to state that any particular party has a monopoly on bigotry is obviously a matter of misinformed opinion. Though I personally don't see this riding leaving the Liberal realm, I would hope that all who post here would respect contrary opinions, parties and candidates and omit the personal slurs.
21/11/00 WJM
Why would Huron-Bruce need to vote CA when they have Paul Steckle? If this riding didn't go Reform in 1997, it won't this time, either.
26/11/00 Jerry S. Email:
Paul Stekle has been extremly kind to my family, and in doing so provided us with a real sense of patriotic fellings. The Liberals are doing things right for us in south western Ontario, and I believe that we should continue this legacy, and elect the liberals again. They are a party that believes in Multiculturalisme unlike the Alliance, and they do not bring their religious beliefs into the political spectrum. The Canadian Alliance want to privatise the CBC, a broadcaster that makes Canada uique and gives us as a people a clear voice. Also they wish to sell of Via Rail, another state run, well used system. Finally, to get rid of the aboriginal tax exemtion will cause a "war" between the governement and the native people of Canada. Vote Alliance if you wish to put up with slander like "Asian Invasion," and the downfall of Multicultualisme. Vote liberal for a faire, equal, non-extremist governement, which the country needs to survive well into the 21st Centur! y.

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