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Liberal Party:
Pat Obrian
Canadian Alliance:
Robert Vaughn
Progressive Conservative Party:
A. Derrall Bellaire
New Democratic Party:
Andrew Sadler

Pat O'Brien

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Surrounding Ridings:
London North Centre
London West

Population: 97 152
Avg Household Income 45 301
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20/10/00 Brian F. Govan Email:
The PC candidate in London Fanshawe will either win the riding or place second. The Current Grit MP has not done good constituentcy work. The Reform Alliance party will be badly split between the Christians and the Red necks.
21/10/00 A.S. Email:
The most working-class of London's ridings, where NDP scores highest and PC fares poorest. Reform was (a distant) second in '97, and CA might like to gun for it, though a star NDP candidate might douse their fire. Anyway, with a name like Pat O'Brien, he's probably got the luck of the Irish...
26/10/00 CH EMAIL:
Pat O'Brien, the Liberal candidate, was a long-time alderman before making the move to Fed. politics and winning in '93. He's very popular among constituents, and, while London's a conservative town by Eastern-Canadian standards, this is the most left-leaning of the regions' ridings. Look for Pat to win handily, even if by some bizarre twist of fate the Liberals' lead really erodes and they get into trouble in Ontario.

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