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British Columbia Provincial Election 2009

Burnaby-Deer Lake

Prediction Changed
11:55 PM 11/05/2009

Constituency Profile

Corrigan, Kathy
Green Party
Friesen, G. Bruce
Nuraney, John

(Approx. 80% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

(Approx. 20% of polls)
Previous Prediction: 2005 / 2001

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09 04 25 BND prediction
A close race for sure but in the end Corrigans silence on everything but the remand centre, which we know will not be built in Burnaby Deer Lake, will ensure that Burnaby Deer Lake will continue to have John Nuraney as its MLA and a voice a the governments table.
09 04 23 Politics101
I don't know what will happen here but I do find it interesting that the regions 21 Mayors including Derek Corrigan of Burnaby want to use some of the carbon tax money to help fund Translink which I think might be a good use of the revenue generated from this tax.
What is interesting that Kathy Corrigan is the NDP candidate whose leader is running on an axe the tax so if Kathy wins how would she vote.
09 02 25 kegler
Someone in the Liberals doesn't like John Nuraney. How else to explain trying to ram a remand centre down the throats of the residents of this riding? This is a huge issue in the community. In 2005, Joyce Murray went down in New West over the St. Mary's Hospital closure amongst other things. During the election campaign they started knocking the hospital down, all the while talking about how much they cared about lack of hospital beds in the Fraser Health region. Optics took her out.
And very realistically, optics can take Nuraney out as well. Couple this with running against an immensely strong candidate in Kathy Corrigan, voter outrage over the remand centre, and it looks to me like Nuraney's days are numbered. Credit must be given, he did show up in person at the community meeting and had his say and for the most part listened to what was being said. But just like Murray in 2005, he takes his marching orders from higher up. And evidently, he's been ordered to the sidelines.
09 01 23 bc politics expert
this riding is a total toss-up it was decided by less than 400 votes in 05, with Kathy Corrigan running for the ndp (wife of burnaby mayor Derek Corrigan) she has huge name recognition as chair of the burnaby school board, she could tilt this one in favour of the ndp
09 01 17 Predictor
None of the Burnaby seats are really safe one way or the other. Though of the three Liberal seats, this is probably the most likely to remain with the Liberals. The Metrotown polls, with its affluent immigrant votes, will carry the day for Nuraney.

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