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2009-08-30 14:08:00

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Karygiannis, Jim

Patchell, Nancy

Thompson, Pauline

Tsai, Harry

Hon. Jim Karygiannis

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  • scarborough-agincourt (153/176 Polls)
  • scarborough-rouge-river (21/174 Polls)
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    11 04 25 will87
    Karygiannis might not win by as much as he used to, but he still has a safe 10,000 vote cushion in this riding. It will be interesting if he can return to his above 60% majority or whether the Conservatives continue to make gains (albeit small) here.
    11 04 11 MF
    Jim Karygiannis has one of the worst attendance records in Parliament, and is a social conservative who has voted with the Harper government and against his own caucus several times. Nonetheless, Scarborough-Agincourt is a ridiculously safe riding for the Liberals, so he should coast to victory again.
    11 04 01 MH
    Since Jim Karygiannis took this riding from the PC incumbent, Paul McCrossan, in 1988, he has owned it. It's no surprise that the Conservatives haven't nominated anyone yet. After the way Dr. Benson Lau was beaten in 2008 there can be very little interest in repeating that humiliating experience. S-A ranks with York West as a safe Liberal bastion. If it goes Conservative (an NDP victory is out of the question), the Liberals will be toast from coast to coast.
    11 03 28 M. Lunn
    The real question is not whether the Liberals will win here, but just by how much, Despite the Tories wooing ethnic voters, this will only help cut the margins, not result in the seat switching hands.
    09 11 03 C
    Karygiannis or as affectionately known Jimmy K in the Liberal Circles where many fear as well as respect him for his political organizing capabilities will win without any doubt.
    Even if the Liberal part fortunes were to diminish Karygiannis will be the last Liberal standing.
    After all he wiped the floor with the great challenger Benson Lau and send him packing and leaving the riding in safe hands.
    09 09 04 A.S.
    If Harper gained Mike Harris-like momentum in Asiancourt, Dr. Benson Lau was a perfect just-in-case standard-bearer--and Jim K. still beat him nearly 2-to-1. Besides, Scarb-Ag never went Harris Tory, either. Gerry Phillips, you know.
    09 09 01 Stevo
    Wow - these Scarborough ridings sure are BORING aren't they? As a bloc of seats, you'd be hard-pressed to find one that has gone so completely under the Red Spell. Even Mississauga has started to diversify in its political leanings lately. Liberal landslide here and elsewhere in 'Scarlem'.
    09 08 28 JJ
    Liberal stronghold that has been held by the Liberals since the riding's creation in 1988. Jim Karygiannis has had victories of landslide proportions. LPC hold.

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