1999 Ontario Provincial Election
Riding-by-Riding Prediction

Current Prediction:
Riding Profile:

Liberal Party:
Don Cameron
Progressive Conservative Party:
Hon. Bob Runciman MPP
New Democratic Party:
Jim Murray
Green Party:
Ken Blackburn
Natural Law Party:
Britt Roberts

Incumbent (old riding composition):
Leeds Grenville (100%):
Hon. Robert Runciman
SDG & East Grenville (27%):
Hon. Noble Villeneuve

Member of Parliament:
Joe Jordan

Surrounding Ridings
Kingston and the Islands

Population: 90 235
Avg Household Income 44 201
Language (Home)
English 87 135
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03/05/99 Greg Baker Email: ggbaker@sfu.ca
Leeds-Grenville has gone PC provincially since the beginning of time and isn't about to change just because of information from that new-fangled wireless and picture box.
03/25/99 A.S. Email: adma@interlog.com
Although Runciman did come within a millimeter of losing in 1987, and would have lost under the present boundaries (but that was Larry Grossman's year of doom; what else is new). And nobody expected the Liberals to grab it federally in 1988 (with the same candidate who nearly upset Runciman the year before). But except as an anti-Harris tokenism, why bother now?
05/09/99 A.L. Email: 3arb@qlink.queensu.ca
As Solicitor-General, Runciman has had a high media profile in the region and is genuinely popular. He'll likely be easily re-elected.
05/18/99 KW Email: bowker@kingston.net
The incumbent, Robert Runciman, has neglected and misrepresented his constituents. The Brockville Pychiatric fiasco, the lack of policies for this mainly rural community, and the policies of the government with regard to Health and Education have made him vulnerable. The Liberal candidate could make significant gains if he doesn't get hung up with the fact that he is the Mayor of Kemptville, a small community in the larger Leeds and Grenville. The other parties: the NDP, the Green Party are already also rans. The possibility of block voting of Health Care Workers, Education workers and the unionized workers could make this a horserace. The farmers has already attacked the credibility of Mr. Runciman
05/21/99 Mike Email:
Solidly Tory before redistribution, and the portion added is really pleased about the 416 (the highway the NDP and Liberals wouldn't build). The Liberal candidate is the mayor of North Grenville, and has zero profile outside the township, which only has about 15% of the population. In the last Federal election, the Liberal winner polled 7,000 less than the total of Tory plus Reform.
05/31/99 P.M. Email: foleymnt@rideau.net
For the first time, thanks to teachers, health care workers etc., there is active opposition to the PC's. In many places of trad. PC support, there now are as many or more liberal signs.

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