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Parkdale-High Park

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Liberal Party:
Sarmite Bulte
Canadian Alliance:
Vicki Vancas
Progressive Conservative Party:
V. David Strycharz
New Democratic Party:
Paul Schmidt
Michel Dugre
Marxist-Leninist Party:
Lorne Gershuny
Canadian Action Party:
Greg Robertson
Green Party:
Neil Spiegel
Communist Party:
Wilfred Szczesny

Sarmite Bulte

Previous Result:

Surrounding Ridings:
Etobicoke Centre
York South-Weston

Population: 104 159
Avg Household Income 46 863
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19/10/00 J Smith Email:
This Area of Toronto is fairly poor. Don't expect many PC or Alliance votes in this riding. The Liberal is a good MP and will be rewarded with a return to Ottawa. Liberals will keep this one.
30/10/00 Tom P Email:
I read some of these comments and it's clear that people like J Smith are just flacks for the Liberals. While Parkdale-High Park does have a large low income area, it also included Baby Point, Bloor West Villiage and Swansea areas -- all fairly swish neighbourhoods. The Alliance and PCs together will take 25%, the NDP should be good for 20 or 25%. Bulte, the Liberal incumbent, has done nothing, has no presence, lives in toni Forest Hill with her stock brocker husband, is a right-wing Martinite and will unfortunately win with 45% or more and will serve another 4 years in the backbench as a Martin Liberal lapdog ignore the riding. It's depressing, but so is the Liberal Party.
02/11/00 A.S.
You don't have to be a flack to be misled by the impoverished, multihued, group-homed "Parkdale" part of the riding. But if the Alliance wanted to import their Edmontonian "urban strategy" to Toronto, they'd love to woo, sooner or later, all that High Park/Swansea/Junction/Bloor West taxpaying yuppieness with an Eastern European garnish. At the other end of the scale, the split right worked to the NDP's 2nd-place favour in '97; in fact, Paul Schmidt's 20% finish would have been credible even in the party's "good years", and could potentially make this a gain in the unlikely event of a Toronto version of Alexa's "Halifax bubble". As for Sarmite "Hot Legs" Bulte, while she's an obscure non-resident rookie who broke with a P-HP tradition of fielding Polish-Can standard-bearers (Haidasz, Flis), she's got the same ol' voter inertia and opposition atomization to allow her back in.
19/11/00 A.S.
An advance notice--this could be one to watch. Despite all the huffing and puffing, the P-HP Alliance organization is but a Potemkin shell, while PC's trudged on as soberly, competently as they can--but after a snap-election'd late start, the "also-ran" NDP seems to have carpet-bombed the riding with Paul Schmidt signs with even *more* vengeance than in '97. It's as if they're trying to make a Trinity-Spadina out of this turf...really. It feels like a wave going on. Maybe there *is* going to be an Alexa bubble in Toronto (or maybe, post-municipal election, David Miller's ground troops have done a darned good job at negotiating a municipal-federal sign swap). I still think it's a pretty long shot, but nevertheless...come election night, watch the NDP figure for P-HP. And if the Alliance comes in higher than 4th, it's only as a token reflection of national trends...
25/11/00 J. Dorion
I have lived in this riding for 10 years. The above comments I think are full of stereotypes about the riding and the incumbent. This a a very diverse riding, ranging from low income to high income voters, high density apartments to spacious gentrified estates and immigrant areas to old Ontario families. It is a community with some warts but generally even the most rugged areas coming out of the nasty drug/prositution period of the last 15 years. Crime is down, families are moving back and the south end of the riding is undergoing significant change and improvement. Bulte has done what any back bench first timer could do. Next time around she will do more I am sure. The Alliance is a dead duck in this riding as is the Conservative. The NDP is here, has some legs, but clearly the riding is red....solid.

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